The Ideal Birthday Presents for Your Husband, boyfriend, significant other

Is your husband’s birthday coming up soon? If you’re stuck for ideas, and you’re not sure what to buy, here are some ideas.

A Peanut Butter Maker

Yes, believe it or not, these things actually do exist. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. I had to have one the moment I found out they existed. It’s really simple too. You just buy some peanuts and then tip them into the top of the machine, add some oil and then the beautiful peanut butter will start to pour out the bottom. Your husband will never have to buy another jar of the stuff again. It’s also a lot healthier to make your own than to buy the stuff you find in shops.

A Phone Wallet

Is your husband one of those people that’s always looking things and forgetting where they left their wallet? Well, know they’ll only have to worry about remembering where they left one thing. The phone wallet is basically a phone case that doubles up as a wallet that folds out. You can keep all your cash and cards in there as well as a standard size iPhone. You can buy them for other types of mobile phone too. It’s quirky yet useful little things like this that often make the best gifts.

A Record Player

If your husband still likes to collect records, you should consider getting them a new record player. They still make contemporary ones that are more efficient and stylish than ever before. Cuckoolands Gift ideas for men include cool record players that are made out of a suitcase that folds out. There are lots of different kind of record player out there, so compare what you can get from a retro one to what the new ones offer. The newest models can be hooked up to your computer and then you can convert the songs to MP3 as well.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

For men who love to escape from the world and listen to their music in peace, noise-cancelling headphones are absolutely essential. Your music-loving husband will definitely appreciate a pair of these if he hasn’t got a pair already. They completely block out the noise coming from elsewhere, allowing you to get totally lost in the music and the rhythms. They’re getting cheaper and cheaper to buy as well. You'll still have to pay a decent amount of money for a good pair, but the price is dropping.


A Mini Arcade Machine

Rather than paying a fortune for a brand new gaming console, why not go back to the future with a retro arcade machine. They sell small mini arcade machines that are kitted out with all the old arcade games nowadays. The ION iCade is especially good. They only work if your husband has an iPad though. You just slide in the iPad and then you can use the retro controllers to play arcade games like Atari’s greatest hits. It’s fun as well as nostalgic. Perfect for gamers and fun lovers.

Hopefully, these gift ideas will have provided you with the inspiration you need!

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