Want to revamp your husband's fashion sense?

We all love our wonderful husbands. But that doesn’t mean we’re in love with their fashion sense! They may have been the sharpest dressed guy at prom, but with ten years, two kids, and a stressful job, the closet has been the least of their worries. So what can you do to turn back the clock? If you want to bring the style back to the man you love, then it’s time to take him shopping. 
Start by checking out some fashion sites online. Snuggle down on the sofa with the iPad or laptop, and informally browse together. Websites like http://www.rogerdavid.com.au have fashion to cater for several style preferences. See what piques your other half’s interest. Of course, you might well choose to ignore the things he likes! Next, you need to figure out what his wardrobe essentials will be.
Guys need essentials and basics the same way we do. If you’re fed up with your man in trackie bottoms all the time, then head for the smart-casual aisle. Look for buttoned shirts rather than tees. Casual trousers that aren’t designed for a workout can look great with any kind of top. If it’s a cooler time of year, add a V-neck jumper to your shopping list. 
Colours are trending toward the darker shades again at the moment. If your guy looks great in navy, then stick with shades around there. Greys are looking hot too. Now you’ve picked some casual wear for your husband; you might be looking for something smarter and more formal. Suits are cut in several different ways this season. While the collars may be more mainstream, the lengths of the jacket are quite short. These look great, especially in the greys and darker blues.
Trousers are still quite figure hugging for the guys. They should definitely match the suit jacket! Look for a suit that would look great on a dinner date. It might be more flashy than your husband has been used to recently. But it could be just the outfit to inspire him to rethink his wardrobe. Accessorise with a good leather belt. Choose shoes that are good quality with a small heel.
If your husband is a reluctant shopper, then you might be better off buying items online. That way, he can try things on in the comfort of his own home without any pressure. To ensure the best chance of getting the right sizes, measure him thoroughly. Check his inside leg. Measure his waist where he would wear a belt. This isn’t always the narrowest part of his mid-riff! Chest size and neck size are quite important for formal shirts. The website you are shopping from may also have a sizing guide to help you pick the right items.
Husbands can get lazy when it comes to fashion. If you fancy giving your man a makeover, it might be best to motivate him gently into agreeing with you! Of course, some guys are stuck in their ways, and like things the way they like them. Browsing online can be a great way to open him up to other style ideas.

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