10 Minutes to a clean Home

Every Morning when my daughter wakes up she hits the lounge like a whirlwind, toys are strewn music is played and drink bottles and snack cups are strewn everywhere. My house looks like a pack of monkeys have descended and had a riot!

I try and tidy when little miss has a nap and while she eats dinner..

Here are my tips for keeping your sanity and a tidy house

  • Have a spot for everything, like junk mail having a basket, toys having a basket, cushions, rugs and blankets having a place. Spend 5-10 mins every day putting things back in there spot and you will find it becomes routine and habit and keeps your home tidy. 
  • Cleaning Routine, every morning I hop into the kitchen brew a coffee and clean the dishes, fill the dishwasher, wipe the benches and put everything away, I make beds and take rubbish out, this only takes 20 mins or so but makes a difference at the end of the week. 
  • Washing (my pet hate), We have laundry baskets in our bedrooms and bathrooms. I empty these in the laundry every other day and pop a load on when I can. Letting it pile up only makes it a massive mountain. 
  • Regular de-clutter, I regularly clean our junk mail out, fridge, cupboards and study. The usual suspects of home dumping grounds!! 
  • Routine, Its not for everyone but for me routine helps me ensure I get everyday tasks done so our day runs smoothly. Before bedtime I make sure our little miss has clean pjs, a sleep suit, a bottle, nappy and teething gels etc all ready for bedtime and bath time routine, this helps the process run smoothly. 
  • Let the little things go, Since having a family there are a lot more little jobs and a lot less time to do the big cleaning and domestic jobs and you know what that's fine. We don't live in filth but a little dust wont hurt....
How do you keep your home clean and tidy? 

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