Make Your Home More Cosy & Comfortable In Three Simple Steps

When we buy a home, we want to make sure it’s as comfortable as possible. No one wants to live in an uncomfortable home; it can be a real pain! I’ve got three ways that you can make your home more cosy and comfy:

Buy Comfy Furniture

One of the reasons your home doesn’t feel comfortable could be down to your furniture. There’s a big difference between comfy furniture and not so comfy furniture. If you want a comfortable home, ideally you’ll have furniture that is a joy to sit on. You want sofas that gobble you up and make you want to stay nestled in them forever. You want a bed that grabs you and holds you there for hours every morning. If you’re rocking uncomfortable furniture, then your home will feel uncomfortable, it’s as simple as that.

I like to go for soft touch furniture. I don’t hate leather sofas and chairs, but I don’t think they’re that comfy. Sure, they may look nicer and more elegant. But, they’ll never be as comfortable as some soft touch furniture. My big thing with leather is that it doesn’t feel that comfortable. The material itself is quite cold and it doesn’t make you want to lay on a leather sofa all day long. Get furniture that you find comfy, and your home will become a lot more comfortable.

Get The Temperature Right

The least comfortable homes are ones where the temperature is never right. It’s too hot and stuffy during the summer and cold in the winter. It seems like no matter what you do; you just can’t get the temperature right. So, if you want to make your home more comfortable, you need to address this problem! To prevent your home from getting cold in winter, buy electric heaters for certain rooms in your house. This will give them a much-needed boost of warmth. Also, make sure your home is insulated properly, so you trap in all the heat. To make your home cooler in the summer, think about air con units like the Actron ESP. Having air conditioning will cool your house right down and make it way more comfortable to live in.

I think it’s important you have things in place so you can alter the temperature of your home when needed. There’s nothing worse than feeling too hot or too cold; it makes your house much harder to live in.

Think About The Lighting

I find that the difference between a comfortable room and an uncomfortable one comes down to the lighting. A room that is lit in a certain way can be way more relaxing and cosy to be in. Whereas bad lighting can ruin the room and make you want to leave. But, what makes good lighting? The answer to this isn’t straightforward. Different rooms may be better suited to different light levels!

Want to know my top lighting tip? Dimmer switches. Get dimmer switches installed in your house and you can control the light levels. This means you can set the lighting in a room exactly how you want it. Thus, your home becomes a far more comfortable place!

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