My Tips to Ensure You Love Every Single Wedding Photo

If your wedding is coming up, you’ll know there’s only one way to document it. Picture and video. Creating a wedding album full of beautiful pictures is a lovely way to remember the day and show it off to everybody afterwards. You want to make sure you love every single wedding photo, so use the tips in this guide to help you!

Think of Shots to Take Beforehand

Before you even get close to your wedding day, consider the shots you’d like to have and make a list. This way, you can present them to your wedding photographer and make sure you have the pictures you want. For example, a family shot, a friends shot, a shot of everyone, you and your kids, etc. Think of all of the different combinations so your album has everything you want inside.

Choose a Quality Wedding Photographer

By choosing a quality wedding photographer, you’ll take most of the hard work out of the day. You won’t need to think about much at all. They’ve done lots of weddings, so it’s a case of going through portfolios and finding a style you really like. Every photographer will have a different style, and you may want to look through entire wedding albums from them to make your decision. Most wedding photographers have websites you can look at, like Take a look, compare, and see who you like best.

Brief Your Wedding Photographer

Although you’ve picked a good wedding photographer, you’ll want to brief them so they know what you expect. You can give them the list you created earlier and tell them anything else you want them to know. Ideally this will be done before the big day.


Trust Your Photographer

It can be tempting to try to take control of this aspect of the wedding too and tell your photographer how to do their job. Don’t. Make sure you trust your photographer and know they will do their best for you. If you’ve taken the time to pick one you love, there’s no reason you shouldn’t trust them.

Focus on Picking a Nice Venue

If you focus on picking a nice venue that doesn’t need much doing to it, you’ll have a great backdrop for your pictures. It’ll always look better in your pictures if there are lots of different settings and features. By picking somewhere with huge, colourful gardens for instance, your pictures will stand out!

Leave Plenty of Time

Leave lots of time to take pictures on the big day so that there isn’t a rush. You want a nice, relaxed atmosphere for everybody. Also, you need to be considerate of the photographer. If you’re hours late, you’re making them run behind too. Everyone needs to be relaxed, including the photographer.

Use these tips and you’ll love every wedding photo. Providing you pick an amazing photographer, they’ll be able to work their magic whatever happens. Have a wonderful day!

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