Spring Fling - Spring Style tips and What Mrs Lauren Roney Wore

Spring is here and the sun is shining and turning up the heat. The nights are still deliciously cool and snuggly but the days in Queensland are getting warmer and warmer, I've ditched the layers and have opted for breezy tops and lite knits and dresses  to get me through the warmer temps. 

What do you change in your wardrobe when the heat is turned up??

Spring Style Tips
  • Ditch the layers
  • Opt for fabrics that breath, like cotton and linen
  • Light colors will keep you cooler
  • Add necklaces and soft cotton scarfs for a point of interest and ditch the heavy wool blanket scarfs and jackets
  • Wedges, summer sandals and open toes boots will keep your tootsies feeling cool, just don't forget the bright polish on your toes

Kmart Lite knit Jumper and Target Jeans 

Sleeveless vests and jersey dresses

Jeans and a warm and soft tee from Sizeable

Lace Shift Dress

Bright nails from Bodyshop and a tan from a bottle 

Spring Scarfs and Target Jersey dresses

H & M Shirt dress to catch the breeze

Oh and don't you love my new Eminence Collection bracelet, I am so in love with the rose gold anchor and black and white rope.. So summery and chic

What are your Spring Style secrets? xx

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