Travelling with a Toddler

Travelling with a Toddler

I like to think I am a pretty organised Mum, I try and plan and organise things and think in advance when the next feed is, what there is to eat, are there clean bottles, clothes, pjs... my list could go on and on and on. So when it came time to pack for our families mini break to the Sunshine coast I thought I was all over it, I thought I had it all down and that I was in for a relaxing break at the beach...

I was so so wrong. firstly I did forget a few things, accidentally packed the old  (broken) port a cot not the new one (not broken), I forget to bring any child safe or child proofing and I also booked a twin room instead of a 2 bedroom. opps.

So you get lucky, I will share my post first holiday with a toddler tips

Bring child proofing items, if you are travelling locally and can manage I absolutely suggest bring a child gate or two to section off kitchens and bathrooms or balconies that can be very hazardous to adventurous babes. We neglected to bring gates etc so we moved furniture around to ensure the kitchen was off limits, the bathroom door was kept shut so no water safety issues, we kept the balcony door shut and locked to ensure our little adventurous lady was kept safe.

Rest when you can, swap with your partner so you both can have some time to relax and some time to create special memories with your kids.

Go with the flow, beaches and fresh air, pools, cafes and new experiences tire kids out. So go with the flow, let them nap if they need too, rest and have quiet time. Just enjoy the pace and relax your rules.

Pack a variety of clothes that can be layered should the temperature change, to protect from the sun and air conditioning in hotels.

Bring items that are familiar to your babe, a toy, blanket, white noise. Create similar lighting in the bedroom and keep the temperature the same if you can.

Thats all I can think of ... Do you have any tips for travelling with toddlers? x

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