Upgrade Your Home For The Wet Weather

I don’t know about you, but where we are the temps are heating up and Summer is well on its way! We’re deep into November now, and those colder nights are a distant memory. The winds are picking up, and the forecast is a Summer of hot and stormy days. Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come with January and February around the corner.

Around this time every year, I like to take stock of the Winter past and have a think about next Winter to make sure that my house is prepared for the winter. There’s a lot can go wrong over the winter months, and the last thing I want is a disaster at home! I have a short checklist of things to check and upgrade, just in time for the worst of the weather. Today, I’ll show you what’s on my checklist, and hopefully provide some essential advice! Some of it will help you for those Summer storms too!!

Warmer bedding

Let’s start with the essential things, shall we? While warmer bedding might not protect your home from hurricane style winds, it will keep you warm. Switch the bedding for a warmer alternative, and you’ll get a much better night’s sleep. It also means you needn’t reach for the thermostat and heating knob quite so early. Take care of yourself, and make sure the bedroom is a nice place to sleep. Then move onto the house itself.

Prepare your roof

One of the most vulnerable aspects of the home through the winter is the roof. After all, it takes a battering from the wind and the rain. If there are any small problems now, the winter weather will exploit it, and make it ten times worse. If there’s a loose tile, that’s an accident just waiting to happen. If the chimney pot is weakening, that could cause further damage. I’m not expert in roofing, so I usually call a roofing company to give it a once over. They’ll look for weaknesses, and make sure we’re all set for the winter.

Put away the outdoor furniture

It’s time to accept that those long warm evenings are over and gone! There’s no more chance to sit outside with friends and family, I’m afraid. With that in mind, you’re doing your furniture no good by leaving it outside. It will only deteriorate in the harsh weather. Take this opportunity to safely wrap them up, and put them away. If you’ve got a shed, great! If not, find somewhere dry and secure to store them until next summer.

Prepare the windows and doors

One area of weakness is the entrances and windows. Here, cold air can rush in through cracks and gaps. Check the windows, and seal up any gaps with caulk. As for the doors, try to make sure there are no draughts. If there are, take quick action to close them up, and keep the cold out.

Test the drainage

The winter months bring awful rains with them. If any of that water infiltrates the house, it will cause a lot of expensive damage. Test the drains now to make sure there are no blockages. Don’t let rain water build up around the house.

That’s my winter checklist, folks! Have I missed anything vital?

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