12 Steps to Organize Your Home Quickly

Getting your home organized can take a lot of time, depending on how big it is and just how much you have to organize. You may need to get it together quickly for a number of reasons. Whatever it is, the following 12 steps should help you:

Look into Different Forms of Storage

Look into different forms of storage to help you organize your home. There are all kinds, from stacking storage to vertical storage and under the bed storage. There are probably multiple different kinds you can use to help you organize your home fast.

Have a Big Clear Out

Make sure you have a big clear out. Making your home organized isn’t just about tidying up, it’s getting rid of things that you don’t need. You can find same day rubbish removal companies who will be happy to take your old things away for you. Just make sure you recycle and give to charity where possible too.

Deal With Things as Soon as You Find Them

As soon as a letter lands in your hands, decide what to do with it. Are you putting it in a folder because you’ll need it later on? Are you going to shred it and throw it away? Don’t put it down and put it off. Make sure you do it as you go along. If you pick up an item you’re not sure what to do with, don’t put making the decision off. You don’t want to come back to it over and over again. Instead, decide what you’ll do right away.

Clean a Little Every Day

Clean a little every day for as little as 10 minutes to help keep your home looking good. Take a look around and find a few simple things you can do to contribute. It might simply be fluffing the pillows and putting the remote controls on the coffee table. It might be a quick mop of the floor. If you do this every day, your home will always look great.

Try to Understand the Problems You Have in the Home

One important step to getting the home organized, is trying to understand the problems you have. If your clothes always end up on the floor, work out why that is. Is it because you don’t have enough coat hangers, or room? Find ways around problems like this to help you be more organized in future.

Create a Chore Rotation

If you find it easier, create a chore rotation so that the whole family knows what they should be doing and when. It keeps things on a schedule, and you know who’s job is whose. Arguments about chores will be minimized and everybody can just get on with it.


Make Family Members Responsible

Make sure your family members are responsible for their own mess. Make sure they know to pick up after themselves and be responsible for their contribution to the house.

Put on Fast Paced Music

Put on some fast paced music to help you get everything done so much faster. The faster the music, the more motivated you’ll be!

Have a Place for Everything

Have a place for absolutely everything in the house so you know where everything should be. The only things that shouldn’t be in a ‘place’, are those you use every day.

Use a Caddy for Cleaning Products

Instead of putting cleaning products away, have them on a caddy that you can take from room to room. This will make cleaning each day so much easier.

Tidy and Label Wires

Wires can look very messy, but they don’t have to be that way. Instead, tidy and label them so you know what goes where. This will make it easier for the whole family to understand. No need to worry about crossed wires. Get it?

Aim to Make Life Functional

Your aim shouldn’t be to have the tidiest, most perfect house. It should be to make your life more functional. If your life isn’t functional for whatever reason, work out why. Then work out what you can do about it. The easier you can make your day to day living, the happier you’ll be!

Use these 12 steps to organize your home and you’ll get everything done very quickly. Not only will the place look better in an instant, it’ll always look organized too. It’s up to you to get into the routine of tidying every day, so make sure you do it. You’ll feel so much better for it. Come back soon!

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