Ideas for The Kids To Do During School Break

I’m sure you think it is great when the kids are off from school during breaks, but I bet you sometimes run out of ideas for them to do. Soon it will be Christmas break, and then before you know it, Easter and Summer. I don’t think it is ever too early to get planning, particularly for a camping trip or vacation that you’d love to take during the school break.

Here is a selection of ideas for you to try with your kids, for a variety of ages. Hope you find something new to try and find this list helpful!


Cooking & Baking

Cooking and baking with children can be so much fun, if not a little messy! Something to try with them this Christmas could be baking some festive cookies and taking them to neighbours. Cookies and cupcakes are the most fun with children. If you were going to give as gifts, it might be a better option if you made the actual cookies or cupcakes, and they kids help with the decorating. Depending on the age of your children, though, I guess. No one likes eggshell in their cake!

Crafts at Home

How about trying out a fun craft that the whole family can get involved in? Go and buy a large plain white canvas and then you can create some canvas art. You could all take a section or just leave your child, or children to it. They will be so proud of something that they can then display in their room. You could even get the youngest children involved if you have them; babies footprints look the cutest on canvas.

Away From Home Fun

Not everything needs to be at home. School breaks can be quite long, and you will all get bored if you’re at home too much. If you have family that are a reasonable distance away, how about having a day out with family? You could even head to the beach or plan a camping trip. There are also a lot of school camps for children to attend during school breaks. It can be fun to get them outdoors and away from their screens! Have a look online at school camps for more insight.

Outdoor Fun

As long as you’ve got the right weather, for it, some of the best fun I can remember from being a child, is outside. How about fruit picking, flying kites, collecting shells on the beach, getting ice-cream or taking a nature walk. The list keeps going, there is so much that you can do outdoors. It doesn’t have to be all about warm, sunny weather though. You can have some fun in the rain, as long as your kids like that kind of thing. Hunting for bugs or nature trails can be fun in the rain if you’re dressed for the weather. You children might like splashing in puddles more than you, though!

Have fun during the school breaks that you have coming up. Hope you have found new ideas to try.

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