My Guide To Creating A Lovely Rose Garden

The summer is here, and this year I decided to take on a gardening project. Yep, this year I am going to grow a rose garden! My family has been pestering me, asking me why I want to grow a rose garden and I have one answer –summer. The weather is turning and the season is changing, which means it is a perfect time to upgrade my home. I did it for the wet weather, so why wouldn’t I do it for the warm weather?

Below is how I plan to make it all happen.

Pick A Sunny Spot

Firstly, I am going to pick the sun that gets the most light. I know that the three main components of a healthy rose garden are water, soil, and sunlight. However, I also know that too much sunlight is harmful to plants, especially ones as fragile as roses. But, from what I can gather, I am better off building a shelter to protect them so that they get the best of both worlds. The worst thing would be to overcompensate because I didn’t want them to die from too much light.

Test And Prep The Soil

Like I said, the soil needs to be of a certain standard if roses are going to grow. Roses, more than most, need lots of nutrients as they are high maintenance. The first thing I want to do is test the soil to see what the PH levels are and if they are high or low. If they are perfect, I am fine to move onto the next step. But, if they are extreme, I will need to prepare the soil. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to get the soil up to scratch. Usually, fertilizers for roses are enough to give them everything they need to prosper.

Buy Strong Flowers

As it turns out, some roses are stronger than others. It is called the ‘hardiness zone’, and it takes into account things such as the resistance levels and how susceptible the roses are to disease. Obviously, I want roses that are hardy, resistant to disease and that are low maintenance! To find them, I am just going to ask the people at the garden center when it comes time to make a choice.

Plant Them

Finally, I can get around to planting the roses. It amazes me how much time and effort goes into preparing the roses to succeed, and even then I am not guaranteed an amazing rose garden! There is not much to the process, apart from digging a hole that is slightly bigger than the size of the roots. Or, there is always the option of growing them in pots, so a bigger pot is essential. Other than that, it is time to get them in the ground!


It is important to remember that planting them is only half of the battle. I know from my research that roses need a lot of care and attention even when they are in the ground. To help, I am going to use mulch. Mulch is a thick layer of leaves and twigs that covers the soil and maintains the moisture and the nutrients.

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