Post Baby Body Update - Health and Weightloss

Its been 16 months since I had my beautiful daughter and in the last 6 weeks I feel like I am finally getting my mojo back. I am down 9kg and have lost nearly all my pregnancy and post wedding weight. I am back in my old jeans but my body shape is totally different.

I have had a lot of emails asking how I am losing the weight and getting healthy so I thought it was about time I updated my journey. I am working with my doctor, I am on a VLCD or very low calorie diet, I am taking duromine and I am running again.

Ill start with my diet, I have a Tony Ferguson shake for breakfast with a mango, piece of toast pr banana. Morning tea is a coffee and low carb bar and some fruit if I am hungry, lunch is a sandwich and a shake. Afternoon tea is another coffee and fruit or yogurt. Dinner is a healthy family meal but I am very conscious of my serving size and how hungry I actually feel.

Now Duromide, this is a prescription medication that is given only undr extreme need. I had been working with my doctor to lose weight but was struggling on my own, I am fatigued because of lack of sleep, my weight, POCS and poor diet. The medication has helped with my energy levels and the feeling of hunger. Its made me feel less hungry and more able to exercise, it is a short term help to get the majority of weight off.

Running, I used to be a very keen runner but gave up whilst pregnant and hadn't got back into a routine. At the moment I put little miss in the running pram at 5pm, we go  for a interval run of 30 mins and my mind and body are loving it. I am feeling the benefits of exercising again and loving this new routine.

Now the pictures, they are not pretty but they are real unfiltered and unedited...

I see tone returning to my legs and stomach and a gradual returning waist

Stomach flattening but no muscle tone
I am back at my prebaby dress size but not weight, go figure

Left now, right 5 days post-partum 

Back in skinny jeans!! finally feel confident 

My running buddy

So that is my journey so far, I am not finished yet. We want to expand our family one day and I am determined to have a better pregnancy!  Ill keep you updated x

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