Fun Ways To Get Fit And Active

Maybe one of the reasons that get fit resolutions don’t work as well as they could is that workouts and training can be rather boring. Let’s face it going to the gym is not always a lot of fun. But if you think about it your exercise, aerobic or otherwise doesn’t have to be dull at all. Why not liven things up with some fun ways to get fit and active? Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Get dancing

Dancing has to be one of the most underrated fitness workouts on the planet. Not to mention one of the simplest. What more do you need other than some music? If you find it hard to get motivated or even take yourself seriously, have you ever thought about joining a zumba class? Zumba mixes salsa, merengue and even flamenco moves into a heady combination of beat and fun. It is a serious aerobic workout and totally addictive. Any way you can find to combine dance moves and fitness training is going to help your motivation.  Burning those calories and toning up on the dance floor is going to beat any exercise bicycle or cross trainer.

Yoga and Pilates

There is nothing new about these activities but rediscovering them can be a real joy. Yoga itself is thousands of years old and started off as a way to calm down the body and mind. Since then it has undergone a revolution and now offers a brilliant way to stay fit, flexible as well as be mentally calmer. Pilates uses repetition to target core muscle groups and work them in a really effective way. There are sure to be classes in both close to you and it can be fun to enrol and start to find your way. You’ll notice the difference very quickly and even gain flexibility and strength. You won't even feel that you are working out most of the time.

Water sports

There are some great options here that have a different twist on fitness. You could enroll in a water aerobics class or take up a sport such as water polo. Why not stretch yourself outside and get into stand up paddleboarding?  This fun watersport is a great core workout and upper body strengthening regime. Water skiing is another unusual outdoor alternative. It is not only exhilarating but also offers brilliant resistance training. You will benefit from increased balance and improved core strength. It is also a serious amount of fun. Ensure that you use comfortable and well fitted water ski vests to keep you buoyant and safe in between runs.

Indoor Rock Climbing

This is becoming more respected as a fun activity but also a great way to build confidence and coordination. Seek out a climbing wall or centre near you to find out how you can start. You will develop skills as well as improve your fitness levels. Because you are constantly shifting weight around, you’ll find that you are targeting major muscle groups. You will also be building core strength.

The truth is that as soon as you start to think a little more creatively, being fit and active can seem like a lot more fun. From fencing to hooping and from pole dancing to crossfit there a million ways to get fit and have more fun while you are doing it.

And if all that fails to entice you, why not pop on your runners and just walk... simple x

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