Gift Guide: What To Get Your Best Friend

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Choosing a gift for your best friend can be a tough one! Especially if your funds are limited. We don’t always have the money to splash on a designer gift. However, here are a number of gifts that will give your bestie that warm feeling as soon as she unwraps them!


No doubt your main girl loves something pretty, so be sure to get her some lovely jewellery for whatever the event is that you two are celebrating. You could get her some cute earrings that you know matches one of her cocktail dresses. Or even better a gorgeous ring to signify your friendship. Pandora do some amazing rings, and even special friendship bracelets. If none of that sounds like your best friend’s type of thing, then perhaps a simple, delicate necklace would be best. If she wears predominantly silver jewellery, then stick to that, and vice versa with gold.

Teddy Bear

Never think that your best friend is too old for a good, old teddy bear! They’re super cute. Don’t worry, they don’t need to be used in the conventional way. Teddy bears make great ornaments, too! Getting a nice, antique-style bear would be a perfect gift for your best friend - I’m sure. Gift fairs are great for finding awesome little teddies, too.


Who doesn’t love an ornament? They’re just something men see no value in, unless it’s a framed jersey, of course! Your girly best friend is bound to love something new to place in her living room. Statuettes of animals such as elephants, giraffes and tigers will go down a treat. If your girl is a bit more gothic, then consider some beautifully carved skulls. She could put these over a light bulb - they’d make an incredible lamp shade. Alternatively, a Yankee Candle could make an excellent gift choice. These incredible candles give off luscious scents that you best friend will die for!


Even something as simple as flowers can make an incredible gift for your nearest and dearest! Maybe it's your best friend’s birthday. If so, then surprise her by getting the likes of Manic Botanic flower delivery to deliver fresh flowers to her work! This is an incredible gesture and could really make her day. Bouquets needn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, they can range from anything low-range to a couple of hundreds. However, if you get them delivered to her, remember this will incur an additional fee!

Spa Day

If you’ve got the cash then a spa day could be the ultimate treat for your best friend - you could even go along with her, bonus! As well as spa access, you could really spoil her by paying for you both to get a massage or facial. If she wouldn’t fancy that, then perhaps a manicure or pedicure is better suited! Your kindness won’t be forgotten I’m sure.

Hopefully, these gift ideas have enabled you to find the perfect gift for your best friend. If you’re still stuck for ideas, check out my Holiday Gift Guide for more inspiration. xx

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