How You Can Keep Your Pet Cat Happy

Cats are a lovely addition to any family. You might think that they are quite chilled out pets, and they just walk around and sleep a lot. While it is true that they do sleep a lot, there is more to them than that! Pet cats can live up to 18 years, and there are lots of ways to make every minute of that time enjoyable for them. They will give so much more back to you if they are taken care of. Here are some things that you could do:


How many times have you found your kitten or cat hiding in your bed sheets, in your shoes or sock drawer? They do this because they want to feel safe. Not all cats feel at home just wandering around the garden. Make sure you create a safe environment for them, both inside and out. Cat cubbys are a great idea to use outside as your cat can experience the outdoors while they are enclosed and feel safe.

Scratching Post

It is a cat’s basic instinct to scratch. They will scratch when they have an itch, to get rid of dust and to clean themselves. They will also scratch to get rid of the dead layer of their claws and to mark their territory. To make sure your cat is kept happy, it is a brilliant idea to get them a scratching post. They will enjoy it, but it will also keep your furniture scratch or mark free. Win, win!


Bring the Outdoors In

You cat may just be an indoor cat. There is nothing wrong with that, and they will most likely live a longer life. A way to keep your cat happy is to bring a little of the outdoors inside. Think about some plants that you could have in the home. A few plants in pots, large or small, could make the world of difference. Be sure to avoid ones that are toxic to cats like lilies or tulips.

You should also make windowsills accessible for your cat. If they are covered in photo frames or trinkets, your cat isn't going to go up there. They will enjoy sitting on the windowsill, though, and looking outside. If you can, think about putting some bird feeders outside the windows they go to. They will be entertained by the animals and birds that they see.

Play Games

It might sound a bit silly, but your cat will love to play games with you. Playing games a couple of times a day will help their muscles and ease their boredom. It will help you both bond and what is better than that? Try games like chasing a piece of string along the floor or retrieving a ping pong ball. You could even teach your cat to ‘fish’ by putting a few things that float, in a bowl filled with water. They will love grabbing and reaching in for the items.

Enjoy the time with your pet. When they are seen as a member of the family, rather than just a pet, they will be much happier, you will feel the benefits of a healthy, happy and well adjusted fur member of the family.

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