Making Sure Your Wedding Goes Off Without A Hitch

Many women have been planning their dream weddings from an early age. It's the day that every girl dreams about, and, as such, it should be a day to remember. That's what it makes it such a stressful time, even though it should be the happiest day of your life. There's so much to consider, from planning to budgeting, that it can get overwhelming. Fear not, as I'm here to chew the fat and give you some expert tips on planning a wedding beyond your wildest dreams.

Plan Way in Advance

As I mentioned, most girls have always pictured themselves on their big day, and likely have high expectations. And while it's perfectly healthy to have a scenario in your head, you maybe want to tone it down if you're not engaged. Even more so if you don't even have a boyfriend! But give yourself plenty of time to prepare. Don't rush. Book a wedding a year or so in the future, so that you have more than enough time to make your dreams become a reality. Create a scrapbook or a Pinterest board so that you have something to reference along the way. It'll pay dividends.

Calculate Your Budget

It should go without saying that you should have a definitive figure in your mind, and stick to it. Live within your means. You don't need to have a flash wedding if you can't afford it. But, with some smart money saving tricks, you can make a little go a long way. After you've worked out your budget, compile a list of all the key elements of your dream wedding. Then, you can start to organize the list by price and priority. That way, you can decide where to compromise. You may choose to switch out the horse and carriage for a more subtle chauffeur, for example.

Appease Your Guests

Almost as soon as he's put a ring on it, it's probably time to start thinking about your guest list. You're going to need to choose your bridesmaids and which of your family and friends will be attending. Remember, the more heads, the higher the cost. Choose carefully. Just make sure you don't alienate your loved ones in the process! You'll have to book a venue that both works with your budget and factors in however many people will be attending.

Double Check Everything

And I mean everything. Especially in the build up to the big day. Make sure that your cake is perfect, the band is booked, and the caterers have been briefed. You don't want any setbacks. Believe me, you'll overreact if anything goes wrong at the time. It might be worth your time, at least if it works within the constraints of your budget, to hire a wedding planner. They can take care of all this for you, leaving you more wiggle room and less stress.

A wedding is a very personal experience, and should be exactly how you want it to be. Following these tips will make sure that everything goes to plan, but the specifics are down to your own personal preferences.

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