New Year - 2016

New Year and its time for a new mindset, or a reset. I am not really one for making resolutions they seem kinda like a diet to me... eventually your diet will come to an end and you will revert to your old habits. I like to think a new year is a new chance to reset your thinking to start a fresh and to remind myself of my blessings and how far I have come.

This year

  • I want to continue on my healthy journey, of eating better and enjoying life in moderation.
  • No drinking on school nights, well not regularly 
  • Going to bed earlier and refilling my sleep bank (which is severely in debt right now)
  • Keep up my running and go farther with less breaks
  • Remember birthdays, anniversaries and special dates and make others feel special
  • Love more openly and honestly
  • Share my feelings more
  • Say no sometimes and ask for help
Nothing life shattering just reminders to be myself more and to enjoy every precious day . Will you reset your mindset and thinking? x

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