Great Gift Ideas For Kids Of Every Age

As we get older and our friends start making their own families, it’s not just grown-up gifts we have to buy. Once little people are in the picture, you need to buy gifts for them also! But where to begin? If you don’t have children yourself, or if yours are different ages, it can be challenging. Happily, help is at hand. This guide breaks down five age groups and will give you gift ideas for each.

Great gift ideas for babies

Just because a baby is very young doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate a good gift. Consider a stacking toy. Go for plastic so they can chew on them, and they can be washed easily. Pick bright colours for stimulation, and go for ones with a variety of different textures for the same reason. Babies love stacking toys. You will be teaching them skills in hand-eye coordination. Plus, recognising different shapes and colours. Teething toys will also be appreciated by babies and parents alike! Consider one that can be kept in its container in the fridge for those over three months, and in the freezer for those over nine months. Cold teething toys are especially good for sore little gums and mouths!


Great gift ideas for ages 2-4

Bubbalove's kids toys online shop is stacked with great gifts for every age. However, this age specifically is when the options really start to open up! One more unusual idea is to contribute towards them learning a new skill. Learning a language is easiest at a young age, as are musical instruments. If it looks like it could be costly, consider joining up with other gift ideas. If you can get eight of you together, you could buy them eight weeks of tuition. Run it by the parents first of course!
Great gift ideas for ages 5-9

At this age, anything that keeps them off their tablets, phones and computers is good! Poster-size colouring pages are fun, as they take longer to complete than normal colouring pages. The size also means that they can do it when they have a friend over, or with a parent. Castle, fairy or dolls houses will also keep them entertained for hours.

Great gift ideas for ages 10-13

Now well into the swing of things at school, the days of loving going are likely over! This is why stationery is a great option at this age. Consider pencils with motivational messages on them, or notebooks with coloured pages. Opting for personalised stationery is another good option. This could be a personalised pencil case, perhaps. By personalising them, you’re also reducing the chance of items getting mislaid and lost. The parents are sure to appreciate that! Because the gift is for school, the child is sure to get lots of use out of them, so you know your gift won’t just get put in a box and forgotten about. Make sure you speak to the parents in advance

Great gift ideas for ages 14-17

Although you might have been able to distract them from the iPad at 10, you’ll struggle to do this by this age. If you want a gift they will appreciate, respect their interests. If they love music, they’ll love an iTunes voucher. Or, if they love the cinema, get them a gift card for their local branch.

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