Help With Planning Your Loft Extension

Countless people like you and me wish we could have more space in our homes. If you spend a long time without enough of a living area, a simple loft extension can really feel like a real touch of luxury. Although loft extensions can be great, they’re not exactly the easiest project in the world. Here are some tips for planning an extension, which I hope will help.

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Before you start going out to stock up on materials, you have to make sure that your loft is suitable for an extension in the first place. One of the first things you should do is get up there with a tape measure, and check the tallest part of the loft. The minimum between the floor and the ceiling should be around 230cm. Still, you’ll probably be able to judge whether or not you have enough space just by walking around the loft. You’ll also need a permanent staircase running from the first floor. A fixed ladder is one of the cheapest ways around this issue. Consider all the options and available space before you choose this minimalist option though.
Once you‘ve figured out what you want, you need to have a look at the time and money required for your project. If you’ve had any kind of construction work done on your home before, you might start dreading the whole thing. Luckily, most loft conversions can be completed in four or five weeks. Scaffolding is used for access to the loft, with any kind of builder’s waste being dropped down a chute. The whole project will be very noisy, but you’ll have much less of an issue with construction junk! Get as many quotes for your extension as you want, but always budget for unexpected turns. The biggest extra costs are typically extra plumbing and electricity. If you want to have a set plan from the very beginning, then you may want to talk to a professional installation company such as Lion Electrical. This will give you a much better idea of finances.

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Finally, make sure to plan for temperature controls. The loft is pretty exposed as an area of the house. It can become extremely chilly during winter and unbearably hot during the summer. Because of this, you’ll need to budget and organise installing some good insulation from a company like Kingspan. As a general rule, you’ll want to go for rigid insulation for the walls and ceilings, and a fibre blanket for the space between your floor joists. Make sure to do your own research for this, as insulation can be extremely expensive. Can you imagine wasting all that money? Take your time to ensure your loft extension doesn’t end up boiling you alive!

Focus on these three phases. After you get the fundamentals, all you’ll need to worry about is designing the interior of your loft extension. I’ll leave you with the boring safety precautions. Fit a smoke detector and always make sure you use flame-resistant construction materials. Aside from that, have fun and enjoy your gorgeous new space!

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