Indulge Your Senses In A Luxury Bathroom

Maybe there is no room in the house that has come quite so far as the bathroom. That is quite literally, as it might well have been outside in yard in days gone by! Today’s modern bathroom is no longer a convenience. It has become a place of luxury, it has become a spa like temple to wallow in peaceful luxury and it has become a little heaven in your home.

If your bathroom has seen better days or it is not quite taking you there, then maybe it is time for the upgrade.

Plan it out

Bathroom fantasy is not in short supply. Indulge yourself. There are plenty of examples to look at. Design does not comes more refined than a European influenced bathroom with a lot of Italian style. Measure your space. If it is one thing bathroom fixtures and fittings do, it is to come with sizes and dimensions.  So it should be possible to work out exactly what you can fit and what you might have to compromise with. If you are not sure or don’t want to tackle the project yourself, talk to a professional. Have a look at for example. A professional company will be able to offer you a lot of experience and know how.

Smaller space ideas are an important feature of great bathroom design. For example, a bathroom with a lot of space might have room for a bath, a separate shower stall and still have room for a 'his and hers' vanity unit. Then again a smaller room might get away with a nice sized corner bath with overhead shower and a roomy double sink. Don’t be afraid to play with the space and move things around.

Choose your fittings.

Decide on the look you want. Most arbiters of design and style are working with very clean lines, and these have a timeless feel. The modern bath is free standing, giving you open space around the base. This has the option of making your room seem a little bigger.  Pick basins that complement the bath and if you are feeling like running with a theme, modern toilets can be matched easily. They are way less cumbersome than their old relations. White is still the colour to go for. The real luxury fittings are sleek modern designs using steel. Think powerful shower heads and robust taps to match. It is well worth getting quality fittings that will look and feel great. Upgraded bathrooms are always going to add value to any home.

Sumptuous backgrounds

These comes from tiles. The bigger the better unless you prefer them really small!  So much of a bathroom’s feeling of quality come from these tiles. There are some great selections at Dark greys and greens can look stunning. Browns and earthy stone colours also work really well. For a complete look that will enhance the space use the same tiles on floor and walls. This also adds an illusion of space and work particularly well in wet room style bathrooms. Give some thought as to how and where you will install mirrors.

To finish off your luxury bathroom, use minimalist storage space solutions and display your towels and robes. Your final touch may well be simply shutting the door and turning on the taps!

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