Organize an Awesome Party in 2016: A Beginners Guide

When you’re organising a party or a celebration, there are so many things you have to take into consideration. You have to be able to please a large number of people all at the same time. This is never an easy task!

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Where to hold your party?

Holding a celebration in a hotel or venue specifically geared towards parties makes life much easier. When everything is already on site in one place it takes a lot of the headaches away from the planning process.  Who needs more stress! But if you like to be a little bit different, or are known for your quirks, then this might not be your ideal place. Nowadays you can hire out all sorts of weird and wonderful locations to celebrate in. From castles to caves, mansions to motorboats, the choice is endless.

Invitation time!

Getting people to your party is one of the most important parts of the whole process. It wouldn’t be a party if you didn't have any guests! You’ll be restricted to numbers according to the venue and the type of get together you’d like to have. Decided on a number and try and stick to it. Budgeting, later on, will be a breeze if you stick to a few basic guidelines.

Making Memories

Celebrating with friends is all about being together and making memories. It’s all too easy to let the day fly by, though. Even in this day and age where just about everyone has a camera on their phone, we still forget! While formal party shots are a bit out of date, a professional photographer is still a must. This is essential if it is a very special event like a christening or a wedding. Experts  Darren Howe Photography advise going for a photographer who can instinctively capture the moment. Don’t spend the evening posing with fixed grins, spontaneity makes for better pictures. Old fashioned stiff poses are so out of date!  You’ll be able to treasure your mementoes for years to come.

That’s Entertainment!

However you’re going to entertain your guests, you need to start deciding what you would like. Often bands and entertainers are booked up months and months in advance. Don’t miss out on your first choice because you have left it far too late. There are so many types of entertainment you can choose from, it could take quite some time to make your mind up. Magicians, musicians, or Moulin Rouge style Cancan girls…. the only limit is your imagination. And, of course, your budget!

Money, Money, Money

Whatever your event, be sure to try and set a budget and stick to it. You can make this a walk in the park by making a comprehensive list of every conceivable expense. Once you have that, try and add a little room for movement. If you can’t stretch it any further, consider cheaper alternatives. A stylish event can be done on a budget; you just need to be creative. It’s your big day, make it your own!

Have a fabulous party!

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