Five Ways To Remember Your Pet

There are traditional ways for us to say goodbye to friends and family members who have passed away. They usually involve a funeral and a wake. Afterwards, we can visit their grave or the area where their ashes were spread to remember them. However, saying goodbye and remembering a pet isn’t so easy. There are no concrete traditions in our society on how we should memorialise pets. Often, if the pet died at the vets, then they will take care of disposing the body. However, if your pet dies at home, you might like to consider one of the following ways to remember your pet.

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Hold a Memorial Service

Much like you would do if a relative or friend passed away, you could hold a memorial service for your deceased pet. This is especially comforting to young children who might be experiencing loss and grief for the first time. Find a personal way for you and your family to say by to your beloved animal friend. If possible, you could also incorporate the memorial service with burial in your back garden.

Create a Living Memorial

If you bury your pet or scatter their ashes in your garden, you could make a living memorial. To do this, you just need to plant a tree, plant, or flowers on the site of the burial or scattering. Your pet’s spirit will then have a chance to live on in the new life that is growing. You can even get creative with this idea. Did your dog use to bark when the postman came? Why not place a pot plant by your letter box to commemorate them.


Many jewelers will be able to create beautiful bespoke pieces of jewelry with your pet’s image and details. You could get some silver or gold engraved with his or her name or dates. You could also get a photo of your pet incorporated into the design. One other option is to get your transform your pets fur to diamonds from ashes . You will need to cut a piece of fur off your pet while they are still alive. Once made, this gems will last forever.

Photo Collage and Video Montage

You will no doubt have lots of photos and video footage of your adorable pet. You can print out all your photos and create one very cute photo collage. Another fantastic idea is to collect all your video footage and send it off to a specialist company who can put it all together as one montage. You will be able to get the results as a DVD or CD.


If you have the money, think about getting your pet stuffed. For this, a taxidermist will restore your pet so that you can display them in your home. However, this is a fairly expensive process, especially if your pet was quite large.

Losing a pet can be a difficult period for the whole family. However, if you choose one of these memorials, then you’ll find the memory of your pet will live on for a very long time.

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