Gadgets And Gizmos I Can't Live Without

Twenty-first-century living is nothing like how our grandparents used to live. Technological advances and a safety-first attitude has changed everything from car journeys to jobs. I find it hard to imagine how my grandparents did without all the creature comforts and gadgets we rely so much on nowadays. I thought it would be quite interesting to see what I could give up that just didn’t exist fifty years ago. All it did was confirm I simply can’t do without my favourite tech!

As a blogger, there is no way I could exist without my beloved laptop. I think I might have a meltdown if I ever dropped it or lost it. I had a problem with the display on my last one and needed to find quick and cost effective laptop and PC repairs nearby. I was lucky on that occasion that it could be sorted out in just an hour or two. The last thing I needed was a bill for a whole new computer!

When I’m out and about these days, I often have my laptop with me so I can quickly post my thoughts as I have them. But I’ve also always got my phone on hand. Lots of my email alerts and social media messages come through on my phone. I can’t bear the thought of being logged off for even an afternoon. It baffles me how some older people still seem happy leaving the house without being connected in this way. What do they do if they’re running late to meet someone?

Of course, my phone is far more than a communications device. I use the fitness apps to make sure I’m doing enough steps. I use the GPS to figure out where I’m going. And there is no way I’d make it through the day without the calendar! I can take and edit all my photos then post them easily online too. No need to wait a week at the chemist!

We have had some serious heat this year. There is no way I could have survived travelling without the air conditioning in my car. I can’t believe they used to manufacture cars in this country with no air con. Can you imagine driving from town to town like that? These days air conditioning in the home is pretty common too. We must use so much more power these days than our grandparents did. I guess it makes me feel a little guilty that we’re so reliant on it. I’m not sure how I would cope if there were no electricity available.

Hair dryers, curling irons and straighteners are all things I have plugged in to use each week. I guess I use fewer products on my hair to get the style I want than Gran might have done. And I can probably achieve my style quicker than she could too! Would I be happy to give them up and try things her way? Not a chance. No internet and hardly any TV might have improved my social life in some respects, but I don’t think I’d be where I am today without my favourite gadgets.

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