Need Some Quality Time With Your Kids?

Parenting is never easy. And there just aren’t any manuals that make sure you know how to get it right. Sure, there are hundreds of websites with snippets of useful information. But there’s no reliable way to collate everything you need and apply it to your specific situation. That’s because every child is different. Every parent is different. And every family is different too.

Sometimes when things have been feeling a little hectic and disjointed, it can be a good idea to get together for some quality time. All families fight and squabble. There will always be disagreements. Your little ones will spend their entire childhood wanting to go their way. And you’ll be spending your parenthood trying to steer them your way. It’s not easy to always be friends or in a good mood with each other. This is why spending quality time with your kids can help renew the bonds and refresh the relationship.

How To Get The Time You Need
Of course, quality time requires time you may not be able to afford. Working life makes it difficult for us to spend much time with our kids. And our kids have school and interests of their own that keep them out of the house too. Choose a day of the week and a good three or four-hour time slot that you are all committed to being with each other.

Ideally, you will have several days each week when you can spend a good hour or so in each other’s company talking about the things that affect you all. If your children are still very young, you might find it easier to do this. But earlier bedtimes can get in the way. If you can take a half day a week off work, this could be ideal. Your little ones will still be awake and energetic. They’ll be ready to have some fun with you.

What To Do Together
You can choose from any of the activities detailed in this article. Or maybe you have some great ideas of your own. If your children are preschool age, you might choose activities that help them with their development. Reading, writing and art activities are great if you’re stuck indoors on a wet day. Don’t forget that tiny tots also need plenty of physical activities.

Gross motor skills like throwing and kicking balls are great games to play with little ones. Fine motor skills like sticking and painting are also very important at this age. You might want to sing songs to help them count, learn colours or even the letters of the alphabet. Perhaps you could dance or jump at the same time? Whatever age your kids are, it’s important you’re all having fun together.

Quality time is about engaging with your kids. Get on the floor and play with them. Talk about all the things they’re doing. And let them know you love them lots! Time is so scarce it has become a precious commodity in our twenty-first century lives. Make the most of the little time you have with your kids.

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