Get the Scandi Look in Your Child's Bedroom


Scandinavian interiors: you either love them or hate them! Some people think they're too cold and they lack colour and texture. But others love their minimalism and pops of colour. Personally, I think they're great, although I'm not sure I would want the look through my whole home. One room I do think they suit is kids' bedrooms. I see so many children's rooms where there's a lot going on. They often have entire themes, from wall to wall, whether it's princesses or a favourite TV character. While those rooms are fun, I can't help but think that their occupants will get bored of them quickly. With a Scandi-style room, you can easily mix things up without a lot of effort or expense. Have a look at my rules for getting the look.

Start with White

When you want a Scandi-style room, it's all about starting with a blank canvas. If you don't believe me, take a look at any Swedish real estate website. You'll struggle to find homes with coloured walls! The great thing about having the walls and floor so plain is that it's so easy to change everything else. You can put whatever you want in the room and it won't clash with the decor. So you need to begin with white, white, white. So get those paintbrushes and rollers out! The floor doesn't need to be white, but it should be a neutral colour. You should even go neutral with the furniture, from light-coloured kids bunk beds to the wardrobe.

Choose Some Bright Colours

It doesn't have to stay white for long. If you can't stand looking at a colourless room, you need to pick some colours out quickly. If you're not a fan of the all-white walls, painting just one wall is acceptable. But if you want to go further, you might want to consider a different interior style. You can pick several different accent colours to use around the room. Because you're working with a blank canvas, it hard to make things clash against each other. Each burst of colour can stand on its own without interacting too much with other items.


Find Some Scandi Patterns

If plain dots of colour don't do it for you, get some patterns in there too. There are lots of cute patterns that are more on the traditional end of the scale. A lot of modern Scandi decor has patterns that are reminiscent of last few centuries. But if you want something more modern, you can find that too. Check out the ubiquitous Swedish furniture store for some ideas. They have some fun fabrics, rugs, and other textiles.

Add Fun Details

A Scandi-style kid's room, just like any child's room, should be fun. There are lots of cute details you can add to give the room more colour and texture. Pick some mid-century modern furniture with bright colours, for example. You can use decorations and accessories, from bright photo frames to patterned pillows.

It's quite simple to achieve a Scandi-style minimalist look in a child's bedroom. Now you just have to keep it that way...

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