Inspiration For Putting Your Own Stamp On Your New Home

No matter how excited you and your family are about moving to your new home, when you first move in it won’t feel homey. It’s a brand new place, somewhere that you’ve never lived before, so it’s going to take a little getting used to. The best way to get rid of that new house feel is to put your own stamp on it and make your new home feel comfortable and cosy.

Here’s how to make your new home feel like, well, home, and how to put your own stamp on it.

Unpack and find homes for your belongings


Start off by unpacking yours’ and your family’s belongings. This is the simplest way to make your new house feel more like home. It’s tempting to put off the unpacking as it can be a little stressful, but the sooner you do it, the better. There’s nothing like having your own belongings around you to make you feel more at home.

Make the bedrooms a priority, as bedtime somewhere strange is never nice. Start with the kid’s rooms and then once you’ve done them, move onto yours. Family areas, like the bathroom, kitchen and living room, can be unpacked once all the bedrooms have been done.

Start coming up with decor ideas

Once you’ve unpacked your boxes, the next step is to focus on decor. You might be a fan of the decor that’s in your new home but you probably won't. We all have different tastes, which is why the chances are that the previous owner’s style won’t match yours. If this is the case, you’ll want to update the decor as soon as possible. However, what you don’t want to do is rush things.

Get some ideas and inspiration for the type of space you want to create. The chances are that you have a style that you like, but even so, it’s worth getting inspiration. You’ve got a fresh canvas to work with and can redesign it however you like. Always dreamed of having a pretty pastel lounge - now is your chance. Have you longed for an elegant monochrome bathroom for years - well now you can create one.

Add features that you love


Of course, making your new house a home isn’t just about the decor but also about the features that are in place. Has every home you’ve ever lived in had a fire that’s perfect for those cold winter months, but your new one doesn’t? Consider adding a gas fireplace or a wood burner, to give your home that cosy feeling that you crave. Are you a bath person but your new home only has a shower stall? Don’t go without, this your home; it needs to be somewhere you love, so have a bath installed. If you’re going to love your new home, it needs to have the features that you want and need.

It’s not just big features that make a difference; the small things can too. If you have an item that makes you feel at home, such as a cuckoo clock that goes off every half an hour, get that hung up right away. Often, when it comes to making a space feel like home, it’s the little things that make all the difference. Perhaps you’ve always had a certain piece of art on your living room wall - get that put up asap. It’s all about transforming the space into somewhere that makes you and your family feel comfortable and cosy.

Take these tips on board and you’ll find putting your own stamp on your new home, easy peasy.

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