Sharing pregnancy news, when to share?

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I am pregnant, very newly pregnant. We have only just found out and I am quite happy to share our joyful news. I know the risks of early pregnancy but I also feel that sharing our news with those around us is important. Important because should anything happen I would want those same people to understand and know what we were going through.

Traditionally you wait until the "safe" 12 week mark, traditional reasons for waiting till 12 weeks are the fear of miscarriage: with each passing week your risk of miscarriage lessens, unwanted advice and worries about work and employment.

We shared our first pregnancy news at 6 weeks because I was so ill and my 30th birthday party was right around the corner and felt it was easier than trying to explain the constant trips to the bathroom and not drinking.

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I'm terrible at keeping secrets, terrible at pretending and my morning sickness kicked me around for 6 so telling those around us made sense. I love when you share the happy news your family and friends support you and share the love and excitement and fellow pregnant friends confide in you and your network of support grows.

I know its know for everyone and that's ok this was our choice and I would love to know your thoughts on sharing pregnancy news? x

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