Take the Family: Fun Family Holiday Ideas


Traveling with the family takes a little planning, especially if you have young children. There are medical and safety issues to take into consideration. And you need to think carefully about organizing a trip that will appeal to everyone. But with a little organization, you can enjoy a fun holiday that will provide you with a lifetime of memories.

City Holidays

City holidays are ideal for families. There are so many things to do and places to see that you won’t be stuck for ideas. Look for museums, galleries, parks and pools. Young children may not enjoy wandering around galleries all day and so look for interactive exhibitions. Many places provide activities for children of varying ages.

Another fun idea is to arrange a guided tour. Some outings, like Melbourne tours, provide trips around key hotspots and even TV sets.

Another great thing about cities is the variety of places to eat and drink. Many of these are family-friendly, which is ideal when traveling with young children.



Whether you stay in a caravan or pitch your own tent, camping makes an exciting holiday. The weather is important of course. It’s not fun trying to put up a tent in the wind and rain. But then again, it can feel quite cozy tucked up in a sleeping bag while the rain patters against the canvas.

Camping teaches important life skills in a fun and entertaining way. Children are immersed in nature and are exposed to new surroundings and experiences. And food always tastes so much nicer when it’s cooked over a camping stove.

The destination and campsite will be important. Make sure there are lots of places to visit and a range of activities. Think about walking, cycling, swimming, etc.


Beach Holidays

Beach holidays are the ideal choice for families. You can spend whole days there while the kids play in the sand, while you relax with a pile of books. Look for destinations that are popular with families, rather than just singles or couples.

Some resorts offer a good range of beach activities. You can find everything, including beach soccer, volleyball, surfing and horse riding. The more variety, the better. This will keep active members of the family occupied.


Theme Parks

There are thousands of theme parks around the world. This covers everything from water parks, animal parks, and leisure parks. Many of them cover vast areas and take several days to experience fully. It is, therefore, important plan ahead and prioritize what you want to see.

Large parks tend to have their own accommodation to allow you to spend time there. Decide whether the park will be the focus of your holiday or whether you would prefer a one-day visit.


We all look forward to our holiday each year. Many of us spend the whole year saving for it. So it’s important that it goes well and that everyone enjoys themselves. When traveling with families, there are more people to please. Therefore, it takes a little bit of thought and planning. Do your research in advance and read what other families have said about destinations. Have a couple of contingencies in place for when things don’t go according to schedule. Other than that, just have fun.

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