Transform Your Home With Our Simple Lighting Tips


When it comes to decor, lighting can transform your home. It can open up rooms and make them appear larger. It can set the whole mood of the house. Illuminate your living space with these simple tips.

Start by assessing each room in terms of its function. The kitchen is largely used for preparing and cooking food. Downlights will enable you to focus on these tasks. Make sure the lights are aimed at counters and preparation surfaces. If you eat in the kitchen, you may also want to consider a light over the table. Enlist the help of an electrician to advise you on the options and for professional installations.

Living rooms and snugs are predominantly used for relaxing. Floor lamps work well in these spaces. Direct them at objects in the room such as reading chairs etc. Try to vary the types of lamps and their positions and heights. Create a cosy and inviting atmosphere.


For the dining room opt for a strong overhead light. Introduce dimmers to control the mood. Many people opt for a large chandelier.

The bathroom is a functional room used for washing, bathing, putting on makeup, shaving, etc. It is likely that the bathroom mirror will be a focal point. For optimum results, ensure this is lit from the sides and from above. This will prevent shadows.


Your bedroom is your retreat. It is the place you wind down and get a good night’s sleep. Small bedside table lamps create a cosy atmosphere and are great for reading. A ceiling light is useful for getting dressed.

Your choice of curtains is also important in the bedroom. Eliminating as much light as possible can help you to sleep. So opt for blackout blinds and curtains during the summer months. Open them wide during the day to allow the sun to warm the room.


Variety is also important when selecting lighting for your home. Opt for a range of fittings including overhead lights, floor lamps, downlights, and uplights. Vary the size, style, angle and height of your lights.

If there are rooms in your home that are small, lighting can give the illusion of space. In these rooms allow in as much daylight as possible. Don’t cover windows with nets and blinds. Use mirrors to reflect the light. Placing a candle or lamp in front of a mirror can enhance this effect.


And speaking of candles, don’t forget to introduce them around your home. Candlelight creates a soft, flickering glow. It is difficult to recreate this with artificial lighting. Dot them around your home and group them together in dark nooks. Opt for scented candles to trigger scent as well as sight. Cluster them around your bathtub for a relaxing and dreamy soak.

The trick with lighting is think about functionality first. What is the purpose of each room and what activities are carried out there? Then look for ways in which lighting can support this, whether it is daylight or artificial lighting. Then think about style. Be as consistent or as eclectic as you wish. Vary the type of lights you introduce and where you position them. Have fun and be creative.

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