Could You Renovate A Doer-Upper?

Despite the improvements reported in the economy, many families still struggle to get on the housing ladder. Owning your own home provides you with more freedom to make the property fit your family’s lifestyle. It is also an investment in your future. And best of all, it can provide you with the security and stability your family needs. The trouble is, good quality properties in the right neighborhoods are just so expensive. So why do the property agents tell you that you could get a house within your budget?

The truth is, there will always be properties that are cheaper than the rest on the block. That’s because these houses have been neglected, run-down, and are almost impossible to sell. These may be the best way for you to get on the property ladder, though. You would need to be willing and able to renovate the house. And there may be jobs that only professionally qualified people can undertake. If you think you can afford the place and the cost of the renovation, why not give it a go?

Many houses that have been empty for a while can have serious pest problems. Once you’ve weather proofed the interior, it will become more apparent that you need to get the pest control people in. Bed bugs, rats, cockroaches and other nasties need to be removed before you start decorating. Once they’re gone, you can start the deep clean. This may also include ripping out old bathroom and kitchen fixtures and fittings.

You can buy second-hand kitchens and install them yourself. Of course, a qualified electrician will need to install the oven and hob for you. You could reduce the cost by asking the same person to tackle all the other jobs that need to be done. Rewiring, installing more points and improving the lighting fixtures could all be completed as one job. The bigger the overall job, the more discount you might be offered.

As well as the interior, you need to tidy up the exterior. Gardens that have been neglected for a long time are so overgrown they are hazardous. It might be best to rip it all out and start again. This is especially true if you’re trying to landscape for a child and pet-friendly garden. If your building is rendered, you could also repaint the exterior. Clear the gutters, and wash the windows. It will start to look like a brand new property in no time.

The final tasks for your new home are to decorate. You might have replaced some of the fixtures and fittings. But until the fresh coats of paint are on the walls, it could still look a mess. Install new flooring after you’ve painted all the skirting boards. This will avoid it becoming paint damaged. A couple of rugs, some furniture, and a few objets d’art may be all you need to make this old house look like a wonderful family home. If you have asked friends and family to help you with all the renovation work, why not throw a big party to thank everyone? Congratulations on becoming a homeowner.

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