Keeping Kids Happy When You're Moving House


When it comes time to moving home, there is a lot to think about. That’s if it’s just you, or just you and a partner, that is. If you add kids into the equation, it becomes loads to think about!

Moving home is cited in many polls, articles and research as one of the most stressful things a person can do. So it only makes sense that this stress can emanate to the rest of the family too.

Of course, we all want our kids to be happy. If you are moving home, the last thing you want is for them to get caught up in your stress. So how can you keep your kids happy when you’re moving house?

First up is of course how they feel about the move. If they’re thrilled and excited, great! You’re onto a winner, and the whole process will go much easier for you.

However, it could be that your kids aren’t too happy about it. Or perhaps they’re not happy at all! You need to figure out why this is. It could be a totally unfounded reason that once you know, you are able to correct and put right. Or, if it something more serious and genuine, show them your support. If they are worried about leaving friends behind, or changing schools, be sure you show them that you hear their worries. Keep communication open, and be patient in explaining why the decision to move has been made. Offer solutions to their issues. If they don’t want to leave their best friend, promise that he or she can come and visit for a weekend as soon as you’re settled in. Offering solutions shows them that you are listening, and could go a long way to putting their mind at rest. has more great advice.

Whether your kid is excited about the move or not, be sure to take them to the new town or city. If you can, that is! Showing them their future street, and school, and local shops will make the move feel more tangible. They will be able to start picturing themselves there, and make the move less daunting when it does come. For young kids, show them all of the great things about your new area; a local park, or a great play area.


As for the move itself, be sure you hire help from outside agencies and companies. Trying to do everything yourself will spread you too thin. You won’t have time for the kids, and they might start to feel neglected if this happens. Of course, there are some jobs you can do alone. But how about hiring a company to come and pack up the house? You can find more packing tips here; Also, how about hiring a furniture removal company to take care of that part. Check out iif you need that yourself. Call in the cavalry, also; let your loved ones come and help out. They can take the kids out for a special treat, or do some babysitting duties. Having an extra pair of hands (or 5!) will go a long way to keeping both you and your kids happy as you move house.

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