Top Ways To Prepare Your Child For Preschool!

Sending your child to preschool is an excellent way to help prepare them for going to school. They learn some vital skills about learning and socializing. It can be hard to introduce your child to preschool, and it may take them a while to adjust to the situation. Here are some ways to prepare your child for preschool.

Talk to them about it

The best way to deal with the situation is to be as honest as you can with your kid. Sit them down and speak to them about the fact they will be starting preschool. Explain to them about what will happen when they get there and how exciting it will be. They might be too young to understand fully what you mean, but it can help it be less of a shock when you drop them off there. If they get upset and say they don’t want to go, talk to them about why it's so important, and advise them on how it will get better over time.

Spend quality time together

To prepare your child for preschool, you should spend some quality time together before they start. Go out for days together and enjoy the time together. Don’t be afraid to keep mentioning preschool so it sinks into their head that they will be going. Book a holiday as a family. As we have talked about previously, make the most of the time with your little one as they get older so quick.

Show them around

When choosing a nursery, you need to ask them if you can bring your child in to show them around. Sit and talk to the preschool practitioner while the kid goes over and starts playing with toys. Showing them around will make it much less scary when they start going to the preschool. While you are there, let them spend some time talking to the leaders, so that they are familiar with who they are.

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Start doing the activities at home

To help them start preparing for preschool, you should start doing some educational activities at home. The preschool will have state of the art facilities encouraging independence. So you should let your child get involved in the activities at home as much as they can. Let them do it on their own while you watch what they are doing. Sit down and read as much as you can and let them try and say the words aloud.

Let them start slowly

As this article says, it's normal for your child to experience separation anxiety when they start preschool. Therefore, talk to the preschool about letting your child start just a morning or two a week for a start. You can then slowly build it up till your kid is there for a couple of full days a week. It will help them adjust to the situation and the fact that they will be going there a lot. Try and not linger once you have dropped the child off. Otherwise, they will get upset when you leave to go.

Remember every child can act differently when it's time to go to preschool so even if your first kid managed okay, it may not run as smoothly with your second.

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