How To Keep Your Kids Safe Around The House

No matter how safe you think your home may be, have you ever thought about how safe it is for your kids? If they spend a lot of their time running around and playing, you will have to be careful to ensure it is a safe environment. Accidents can happen at any time, and it is important to try and keep them down to a minimum. No more accidents means no more tears and tantrums! Want to know how to keep your kids safe around the house? Here are some awesome tips.

Remove Loose Wires

Young children love grabbing things. If they see a loose wire, they could try and reach it and give it a pull to see what it is! So if you notice any loose wires from old light fittings or other electrical appliances, it is a good idea to cover them up. Alternatively, call a local Electrician to remove them completely. Think you might need the wire in future? Why not connect it to an appliance or light now; then that’s one future job out of the way!

Carpeted Floors

Kids can pick up a lot of speed when they are dashing around the house! Falls and tumbles are quite common. However, you can help to reduce the frequent occurrences by getting your floors carpeted. Carpets have better grip than smooth tiles and wooden floorboards. So there will be a lot less chance that your kids will slip up.

Keep Things Out Of Reach

If you have a lot of valuable ornaments and sentimental possessions, do not place them anywhere where your children can reach them. Otherwise, they will only try to get them and play with them. The best way of keeping them away from kids is to stand them on high shelves and ledges. If you aren’t too sure whether a shelf is too low for your valuables, you can use this test. Simply sit down on the floor. Are the things on the shelf in your line of vision? Then your kids will probably be able to reach them.

Tidy Up

A lot of clutter in your home can also trip young children up. Keep an eye on where your kids are playing and make sure it is always tidy. Try to encourage them to put away any games or toys when they are finished with them. It is a good idea to create a nursery for your children. This way, any mess and piles of toys can be contained to one room. So next time they are running from room to room they won’t be tripped up by an unexpected pile of Lego bricks!

Keep An Eye On Animals

This point is very important if you have young children and pets in your home. Don’t leave kids and pets alone in the same room. Even if your child just wants to play, your cat or dog may mistake the intention. If the pet is scared, they could end up lashing out at your child. They will be fine in the same room, as long as you are there to supervise.

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