5 Home Improvements To Help Protect Your Vehicle

One vehicle is stolen every 44 seconds, which shows you just how vulnerable they are. Whether you own a van, car, bike or even boat, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to protect it.

You might not think it’s at risk of being stolen, but everyone who’s ever had a stolen vehicle thought that too. Even if your car isn’t stolen, it can be damaged by the weather at any hour of the day. There are plenty of things that could go wrong, and it’s up to you to prevent them.

So, here are five simple ways to help defend your vehicle from theft, and the elements, by improving your home. Don’t hesitate!

1. Exterior lighting

It’s no secret that well-lit areas are a turn-off for thieves, so make sure your car is as well-lit as possible. If your road is unadopted, it may not include street lighting, which makes it easier for thieves to sneak about.

To rectify this, look to install some exterior, motion-sensing light fixtures. They’re easy to buy, available from all good hardware stores. They’re harder to install, but someone from the store would be happy to help you out.

You can buy lights like this that only activate at night time, between hours set by you. This way, if anyone comes near your ride, they’ll be lit up like a Christmas tree.

2. Build a garage and carport

A lot of modern homes have a garage, but for those that don’t, this is the most secure way to protect your vehicle. A garage with added carports is even better, providing an extra layer of protection from the elements, and a more tucked away spot for your car.


As an added bonus, a garage can also add some serious resale value to your home.

3. Construct a driveway


You may need planning permission, but it’s possible to convert your front/back yard into a driveway. This allows you to park closer to your home, and combined with the exterior lighting, is sure to deter even the most efficient of thieves.

Alternatively, you could ‘extend’ your home, with planning permission, to build a parking space. This means you’ll have to get approval from your neighbors, among other things.

4. Add high metal gates


Not every property is set up for such an improvement, but if you’re detached or semi-detached you have a good chance. Metal gates are installed at the bottom of your garden, and stop people from being unable to simply walk up to your property.

5. Security systems

Basic security features like CCTV systems can give you full home coverage, of every inch. You’ll be able to scan the interior and exterior of your home for any intruders, so you can prevent a theft before it gets off the ground.


These cameras can also be attached to the aforementioned carport and even the interior of your garage. Nowhere will be free from your gaze!


There isn’t one single major home improvement that comes cheaply, but all of them add lots of value. This value comes in the form of added protection, as well as more resale value for when you move on. If vehicle safety is your concern (perhaps you have a rough neighborhood) then these 5 fixes will put you at ease.

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