Bump Style - The first trimester

The first trimester of pregnancy is an awkward one for many woman, you may or may not be showing and you may or may not be wanting to hide that from those around you. I show early, I did with my first pregnancy and I am again in my second. I think its good old genetics and my shorter torso that equal not so much room, that and tummy troubles. I like to stay comfortable and I dont mind showing my instant bump.

Here are my top tips for staying comfy in the awkward first trimester.

Don't be afraid of stretch - Invite stretch into your wardrobe, stretch clothing will last the distance in pregnancy. If you buy maternity wear or simply size up in clothing it should last you throughout your pregnancy.

Invest in a maternity bra or two - As your body changes and your breasts grow they will change shape, size and can become sore, swollen and tender so its best to wear a buy that will accommodate these changes without compressing those sore boosies. Through my first pregnancy I thought maternity bras were just for nursing. I had no idea you could and should wear them through your pregnancy also so I suffered sore breasts and back ache. Get fitted and get comfortable

Plan - Plan what you might need and what your budget is for a pregnancy wardrobe. If you are on a budget I would absolutely suggest purchasing pieces that you can wear throughout your pregnancy, after while breast (or not) and that will fit into your post baby wardrobe. Swing style tops and dresses, tunic dresses, lycra pieces  will all fit back into your everyday wardrobe.

What are your first trimester style tips?? xxx

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