Dress Your Home For A Successful Sale With These Amazing Tips

Are you ready to sell your house? You’ve probably already gone through weeks of emotion about leaving the place you’ve called home. But now it’s time to prepare your property for sale. This can take a fair bit of work and time and effort. You may also need to consider packing up and moving out some of your things. This will free up space in those rooms you’ve used for storage that need to be dressed for their real purpose.

Start by throwing out, gifting, or recycling everything you no longer use. This is important for decluttering, but will save you from moving large quantities of stuff that is of no use to you. It only takes an afternoon and a strong will to reduce your possessions down to the bare minimum. It can feel pretty good too when you strip your life of the excess baggage accumulated over the years.

Now you can start to dress each room. Bedrooms should all have beds in them, even if the spare one is currently an office. And the dining room will need a good dining set, dressed and ready for a fancy meal! This means the beds should have pillows and bedding sets in place, neatly made. A bedside table, lamp, and a rug are nice touches to help complete the room. Your dining table will need a runner, plates, glasses, cutlery and centrepiece to finish the effect.

If any of your woodwork or walls look a little scuffed up, try wiping the down gently to reveal a fresher finish. If you have to paint, it’s best to start early so you can get rid of the fumes and stickiness. Rather than replacing worn flooring, try carefully placed rugs or rearranging the furniture. This can help hide any problems that you can’t clean away. Vacuuming and deep washing the carpets often bring them back up to a nearly new condition.

Cleaning up a well-used kitchen can be quite a big and mucky job. You might prefer to hire a professional to tackle it. They often have industrial strength potions to bring back the shine, plus a lot of handy equipment. If you have the time to take this on yourself, make sure the windows are wide open for ventilation. Don’t forget your gloves! And make sure all the gardens are trimmed and tidy too.

On the day of any viewings, it is important to ensure the whole house smells fresh and enticing. Try using a 200mL essential oil diffuser to bring a gorgeous scent into each room. Make sure there is plenty of light available too. You may need to switch on some carefully situated lamps to brighten things up. Finally, keep windows closed in any rooms that face the main road. Noise can be quite off-putting for potential buyers.

Selling your home for the top market price can take a lot of work and effort to achieve. But it could make a difference of thousands of dollars for any offer you may receive. At the end of the day, you need to make a sale. Good luck.

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