Gardening: A Simple Definition

The simple definition to the question of what is gardening is that it is dependent on your own perspective. It's funny, but gardening means different things to different people. Some people think of it has the backbreaking work of weeding and laying patios. While others see it as planning when to plant things and designing the layout if the garden. But however you define gardening there are a few constants that it is important that your address.




The first is the lawn. Nearly all domestic outdoor gardens have some type of grass lawn. It provides spaces for activities, or to sit and enjoy the fresh air. Laws are relatively easy to maintain, in fact, grss is one of the only pants that thrives better the ore that your cut away at it. That doesn't mean that you can't run into some issues with keeping your lawn as green as healthy as you would like. If you live in an unusually hot and arid client, keeping your lawn green and lush can be tough. It will need a lot of watering and some plant food to get it to be as healthy as possible. Just make sure that you observe any hose pipe bans or water conservation laws in your areas. A good way of doing this is by using grey water. Grey water is when you use the water once to wash up or bath in and then save it and use it on your garden.



The next thing you need to address is the plants in your garden. Most of us make do with the plants that are already there. But if you have a particular look you are going for then you may want to add in some of your own plant and foliage choices. I've seen some fantastic city roof gardens with lush jungle-like plants that work well. Or if you have a larger garden you may want to include a vegetable patch or rah card so you can eat as well as grown your own produce.



Another thing that is a pretty universal item to see in gardens is a seating area. Whether you go for a grand patio or a rustic bench, it's important to have somewhere to enjoy the fruits of your labours.  You can go for a nice table and chair set, which makes alfresco dining a breeze. Or you can dot gazebos or pergolas around your garden for some quiet space perfect for contemplation.



One of the most important thing about a garden is that unfortunately it rarely looks after itself. You will need to perform regular maintenance activities like pruning, wedding and water for your garden to look its best. Little and often is the way forward here, rather than trying to get everything done in one go. Try to think of it as active and outside time, rather than as a chore and remember that you garden is alive and will need some TLC from you to flourish.

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