Looking To Sell Up & Move On? Here’s How To Land The Perfect Family Home!

I’ve spoken before about how while I love our home, I know that if my family was to increase it may no longer be a suitable place for us to live. I’m not alone, a lot of my friends are in the same boat. Their houses are fine for now, but if another little one comes along, that may no longer be the case.
Today, I’m not going to focus on selling up. Instead, I thought I would share some tips and advice for finding your perfect family home. It’s not easy to find a home that you love, as there always seems to be something that you have to compromise on. However, that doesn’t have to be the case, at least not necessarily.
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To help you land the home of your dreams, I thought I would share a few useful tips. Hopefully, these will make the process of finding a home that you love, that much easier and less stressful.
Find a good realtor
First and foremost, it’s essential to find a good realtor. If you want to make finding a new home as easy for yourself as possible, it’s essential that you have an expert that you can rely on. You want someone who understands how important finding your dream home is and will do all that they can to help you.
Know what you want
A mistake that many of us make when house hunting is not knowing what we want. If you want to make house hunting as easy for yourself as possible, it’s essential that you know what you want. Or, I should say, what you need. Write a list of your wants and needs for your next property - remember that the ‘needs’ are a priority and the ‘wants’ are an added bonus. The ‘needs’ should be things like the amount of bedrooms that you must have, and area that the property is located in. While the ‘wants’ can be things you’d love, such as ensuite bathrooms, but aren’t essential. Knowing what you want and need from a house will make your search much easier and less stressful. Go around each property ticking things off of your list.
Consider building instead of buying
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If you can’t find anywhere you love, then it might be worth considering going another way, like building a house instead of buying one. While this would most likely take longer, it would give you the option of designing the perfect place. It may even work out cheaper than buying a property. Plus, it would come with the added bonus of being under warranty. Meaning that any problems would be covered and you wouldn’t need to pay for them to be dealt with. If this idea is of interest to you, consider getting in touch with a company like Derbyshire to see what would be involved in building your own home.
Be open-minded
Most importantly, whatever option you go for - buy or build, remember to be open-minded. The key to success when it comes to achieving your dream home is seeing the potential. If for example, you find a property in a prime location but it’s not well maintained inside, think of the potential it has to be beautiful. Or, if you’ve found a plot of land for sale that’s in your dream home location, see the potential you have to build a home there. It may take longer than buying, but it could be the best move you’ve ever made.
Finding the perfect family home can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. It’s just a case of being open-minded and looking at the potential that every option has.

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