Morning Sickness - OMG why

Morning sickness or all day sickness that sucks the life from you and drains every ounce of fun loving , want to get dressed and apply makeup woman. Yep the later is the kind I get, the all day kind, the kind that drains your brain ability and want to function as a human. The last few months have been really tough, this time around I couldn't curl up in bed all day because toddlers don't stop for anyone.

Needless to say I have barely swapped my pjs pr trackies for #everydaystyle and Ill even admit to wearing my trackies to the shops because I seriously could not be arsed getting changed. Its been really tough and while I feel truly blessed to be pregnant this sickness, bloating and lack of energy can bugger off.

This last few weeks have seen the fog lift and I'm finally feeling ok, I have been struck down with a cold and throat infection but hell I'm not vomiting and can stay up past 8pm.

I've no advice really except if your going through it there is an end, it wont go on forever and for goodness sake talk to your Dr and get some medication!! Give into cravings and treat yo self and that helps, take each day as it comes. xx

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