Three Massive Errors Other People Make When Moving - So You Know What To Avoid

It's a well-known fact that moving home is one of the stressful things that people can go through. If people know you're going through a move, then you're going to hear that a lot. People seem to take great joy in telling you that fact, repeating it over and over until you feel like snapping at them for it. In fact, hearing it becomes one of the most stressful things about moving almost.

With all that said, moving isn't fun, is it? With your new home bought, there's going to be endless upheaval, never knowing where things are. You have to update a seemingly endless number of companies with your new details. It's no wonder that most prospective renters tend to spend days leading up to the move desperately scouring the internet for moving tips. Every little helps, right?

So, let's add a few more, but with a different twist. Rather than telling you what you should do, let's focus on the things you definitely shouldn't. By learning from the mistakes of others, you can make sure that you avoid them. And you can laugh at their naivety. Schadenfreude is a powerful emotion, after all.

Error Number One: Moving Gradually

There are almost certainly a bunch of ideas online about moving gradually. Take your time, they say. Don't do it all in one go; it's too stressful! There's that word again.

But moving bit by bit makes you complacent. You think: well, half of the work is done. You forget what's been moved, or don't move enough because you're sure you've got more time to figure it out. Then the actual date of final departure comes, and you realize how much left you have to do.

Make a plan for one moving day. Take a few items over beforehand if you want, but the general bulk should be kept altogether. It's a lot harder to lose track when you do things like that.

Error Number Two: Forgetting The Basics

There's a simple checklist of things that you need to have active before moving into a new home.

  • Electricity and gas. It goes without saying that you're going to need energy, but ask yourself if you have full control. Do you know who to contact if there's a problem? If you're on a meter, do you have all the keys you need and money loaded onto it?
  • Water. Make sure you know how to turn it off from the moment you move in.
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. These are an essential safety feature, so make sure you know that they're working before you settle down for the first night.
  • Trash collections. You're inevitably going to accumulate a lot of trash during a move, so don't miss a weekly collection from the off.

Error Number Three: Not Being Ruthless

Most of us accumulate junk drawers and other clutter, and we think when we move we have to take it with us. What if we need something? Well, assess every item. If you haven't needed it in the last six months and can't think of an immediate need for it in the move, get rid of it. Every extra item is one little bit of extra stress- and we all know you've already got enough of that, don't we?

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