Homeowner Emergencies And How to Deal With Them

Whether you rent or buy, being responsible for a family home, means that you will probably have to deal with a fair few issues and emergencies. These will probably come when you least expect them, at the most inopportune time and when you can least afford them. That just the way life rolls sometimes. But you can deal with common issues without pulling your hair out. Read on to find out how.

Locked out

A friend told me a tale of when she was in between rental and her parents kindly let them stay at theirs with her husband while they were away. But they only had one set of keys. So whoever left the house first had to post the key back through the letterbox so the other person could lock the door after them. A perfect system, yes? Well, no.


The thing is she posted the key back through the door when she was the last person to leave the house. Essentially locking them both out. Just to add to their woes, their parents were a four-hour drive away!

Luckily a very kind locksmith came to their rescue and got them back in the house in no time at all. Meaning she didn't have to confess what she had done to her parents. If you are ever in a similar situation, don't hesitate to call a professional company like Lock, Stock & Farrell.  Lock, Stock & Farrell are an award-winning locksmith company, so with someone like them, you know you'll be in safe hands.  

Boiler Breaks

There is nothing worse than the boiler breaking in the winter. Cold showers all round are definitely not that popular when there is snow on the ground. Of course, it also means that your heating isn't going to work so you’;; ll be freezing as well as unwashed. Yuk! If this does happen called a repair specialist as soon as possible. A good way of avoiding this type of os stressful situation is to get your boiler service in the autumn, so it's all ready to go when the colder weather hits.

Storm Damage


Depending on where you live, your home may be at risk of storm damage. However, your priority is a storm is to keep cool and make sure all the family is safe. If you are dealing with high winds, then it best to take shelter in a basement or other secure location. If your home is at risk of flood damage, make sure to go upstairs or to higher ground. Always know the safest alternative exits to your home in case of fire or emergency. Remember possessions can be replaced people can't.

Break In


Heaven forbid you suffer a break-in, and if you do my heart goes out to you, but they do happen. They can be both practically and emotionally stressful. Its is often the emotion that causes the most lasting damage as people can feel unsafe in their own home. Installing a new burglar alarm or even getting some victim support can help you cope with this.

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