Puppy Love: Welcoming Home The Newest Family Addition

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There are so many joys to experience when you welcome a new puppy into the family. It’s a time of excitement and adventure as you discover your new puppy’s personality. But it’s also a bit like bringing a new baby home. Ok, so puppy won’t be crying all the time and will probably cost you a lot less in the long run. But, a puppy also needs a lot of care and attention in those first few weeks. He’ll need familiar food and toys, comforting blankets, potty training and all the love in the world. Here’s a survival guide on what to buy just before your new puppy arrives.

Toys, Bowls and a Favourite Towel

You’ll know there’s a puppy in the house when your apartment is overtaken by half eaten brightly coloured toys. Stuffed animals will have ears and limbs missing, and chews will be scattered with gay abandon around the house. Puppy is still learning to find his feet! Make sure that before your puppy arrives, you have bought food and water bowls, lots of fun toys and a comforting soft towel. Choose a stylish plastic food bowl with a removable stainless steel insert for easy cleaning. Opt for a ceramic bowl for water. Get squeaky donuts and bright fluffy animals to ignite your puppy’s senses. Also, invest in some training toys. These will be your lifeline over the next few weeks! Spring clean your home just before puppy arrives, so that you can ensure it’s a safe and healthy environment for him.


ID Tag and Microchip

Make sure to get an Identification Tag before your puppy arrives. By law, all dogs must wear one. Put your surname and address on one side of the tag. On the other side put your home and mobile number. Most owners refrain from putting their dog’s name on the tag, as it’s an easy way for pet thieves to familiarise themselves with your dog. There are lots of funky ID tags to choose from, so make sure your pet is a stylish pooch! If there is space on your ID tag, also include the fact that your dog is chipped. Make sure your puppy is microchipped. Places like Oz Microchips ensure your puppy has a small electronic chip implanted under his skin. This microchip contains all the crucial information needed if your dog is lost or stolen. This information is scannable on the puppy, ensuring the authorities can get your puppy home when he’s found.

Grooming Kit

Even pups get bad hair days! Invest in a grooming kit for when your puppy arrives. He may not need it for a while, but using a grooming kit gets him into the early habit of being brushed. Some dogs hate it, so start practising straight away. It’s also a great bonding experience for you and your puppy.

Puppy Crates and Bed

What puppy doesn’t want a stylish bedroom? Granted, as he grows older, you may find him creeping on to the sofa or even trying for your bed. But for now, your puppy needs a safe and secure place to sleep. Also, invest in a training crate. He’s going to have to learn a few house rules! Crates are brilliant for toilet training. Make sure you keep the crate in a lively area of the house. Puppies don’t like being isolated. Use a VetBed in your puppy’s training crate.

Shower your new puppy with love and cuddles and don’t be tough on him when he chews on your shoe! Most importantly, takes lots of photos and videos of your puppy at this stage, because they grow up fast!

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