What Kind of Flooring Will Be Best For Your Home?


When it comes to interior design, flooring is often extremely underrated. Focus tends to go to accessories and furniture or unusual indoor lighting. Flooring may be subtle, but it is undeniably influential when it comes to the atmosphere you create within a room. You may not pay much attention to flooring in a photograph. But, you definitely will once it is underfoot and something that your body comes into contact with every single day. With so many types of flooring out there and so many rooms to fill, it’s nigh on impossible to consider every option that might suit your taste. That’s where we come to your aid. We’ve taken the trouble to research go-to flooring types and to review their suitability for certain rooms through your house.
Whoever enters your home - guests or potential buyers - the hallway is the first thing people see as they enter your home. It may be a small space or a grand space. Either way, it needs to make a positive impression. After all, first impressions last. As the hallway is a high traffic area, you’ll want a sturdy and long-lasting flooring that is easily cleaned. Wooden flooring is perfect for this space. It can be mopped if people walk in with dirty or muddy boots. It also won’t wear as easily from constant entrances and exits from the front door.
The lounge is a place to kick back and relax. It should be cozy and welcoming. This is the perfect kind of room to have carpeted. Whichever flooring choice you opt for throughout your home, always buy from a trusted dealer, such as the carpet specialists Carpet One. Trusted brands will offer the best customer service and end product. Most flooring is difficult to fit yourself, so you might also want to look into carpet fitters too. Lighter, neutral shades are best for this kind of rooms. They will keep a light, and airy feel to the atmosphere. Especially if the walls are painted a brighter color. If you combine dark walls with dark carpet, a room can begin to feel stifling or even cave-like. It could give your guests feelings of claustrophobia, or being overwhelmed and suffocated. A soft, thick pile will be comfortable to walk on. If there are any mishaps or spillages, you can always hire a carpet cleaner machine or employ somebody to professionally shampoo and dry your carpet now and then.
Bathrooms tend to be a no-carpet-zone with good reason. The bathroom is a room which is likely to get wet. When carpets get wet too frequently and don’t have the chance to dry, they can develop mold and a musty, damp odor. This isn’t pleasant. For bathrooms, we recommend a tiled floor. Not only will it give your bathroom a bright shine, as light will reflect from the tiles, but it will also be extremely easy to clean. Tiles are an altogether more hygienic option.
The bedroom is your personal space to relax and feel comfortable. If you splash out on any room, make it this one. It’s your private sanctuary and should have a touch of luxury. Carpet is perfect for your bedroom. Choose the softest pile possible in a shade that will complement the rest of your furniture and decoration. Keep the room light and airy with white, pastel shades or cream. Or perhaps you’d prefer sultry tones. Midnight blue, deep red or even black.

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