Winter-Proof Your Home In A Few Easy Steps

If you're not fortunate to live in a place where it's warm all year round, you're going to have to start thinking about winter-proofing your home. Granted, it’s many people’s favourite season, but it can also be a testing time if you’re not properly prepared. Snow, ice and freezing temperatures can all wreak havoc with your property and your family's quality of life.. Modern technologies such as advanced insulation and double glazing mean we're not as exposed to the elements as we once were. However, there are still some steps you can take to ensure that you and your family have a cosy winter in your home.

Prevent draughts

Got a door or a window that lets a nasty draught in? Aside from the obvious cold air, the whistling noise a draught can bring can start to grate on you after a while. Solve this problem by hanging a thick curtain over the door or window. This is less destructive than having your door filled in, meaning that you may not be able to open it again without having more work done. It can also be a decorative point. Choose a thick but attractive fabric and it can add to that cosy, winter look we all love in our homes around the festive season.

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Prioritise your privacy

As the nights start to draw in darker, our human instinct kicks in and we want to bed down for the night. When it's dark outside, there's nothing worse than nosy neighbours peering into our warmly lit homes. Dress your window with a set of blinds to keep your home all to yourself. It's easier than ever to find cheap blinds online, and there are a variety of styles to suit any interior.

Don’t bring the slush in

If it's started to snow, pop a heavy-duty doormat outside your door to scrape the worst off your family's shoes. Choose one with a rough texture or a plastic one so that it doesn't fall victim to water damage. Put an alternative one inside for your children to step onto and place a shoe rack next to the door. That way, the wet or muddy boots can go straight on the rack and not all around your house! To get your little ones to co-operate, consider buying wooden boxes to act as a shoe rack and paint their names on each one.  


Protect against ice

Ice can be dangerous. It's heavy, solid and can offer quite the blow if it falls from a great height. If ice gathers on your gutter during the winter months, consider using heat tape to prevent it. You'll need an outdoor electrical socket to use it and you can purchase it in varying lengths depending on how much you need. Although those icicles on the outside of your home may look pretty and festive, remember they can be a hazard.

Programme your home

Work out when you and your family will be most in need of central heating. If you work from home, your bills are likely to be a little more, but if no one is in the house from 9-3pm it makes sense to save your cash and keep the heating off. Programme it to come on half an hour before you are due home, and you can enjoy the luxury of walking into an already toasty home.

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