Beating The Heat: Life Hacks To Keep You Cool In A Heatwave

Summer may be nearing its seasonal end, but we are still experiencing some remarkably humid weather world over. Many people believe this is down to global warming. Whether you agree or not, one thing is for sure - hot, sticky weather sure can be uncomfortable. High levels of moisture in the atmosphere are what lead to high levels of humidity. It is for that reason that during a humid spell, the sun can be shining one minute and the next we're in the middle of a downpour. Therefore, this unpredictable weather can throw us into some unexpected situations. But by being more prepared for this kind of climate, you can live more comfortably.

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Defend against insects

Unfortunately for us, bugs and insects thrive in humid weather. Even if you do not usually experience many insects around your neighbourhood, humidity can bring in creatures from other states or even from overseas. This is because insects that thrive in humid conditions are looking for other places to breed. If a spell of humidity mirrors their home climate, they will move there to take advantage of it. Mosquitos are a common example of this kind of behavior. There's nothing worse than a summer of being relentlessly bitten, or finding creepy crawlies in your shower. To prevent a whole host of flying insects making themselves at home in your property, invest in fly screen doors. These doors are generally equipped with a thin mesh that allows your house to breath in hot weather but bars the way for insects.

Don't open windows during the day

Trying to get a good night's sleep in hot, humid weather can be exceptionally difficult. Most of us want to avoid opening our windows to avoid the aforementioned insect problem. However, for many people, the heat is so unbearable it just has to be done. Do try to keep your windows shut during the day though, and draw any curtains or blinds. Sunshine coming through glass will only make your home hotter, as it acts like a greenhouse. Opening your windows at night is less of a problem, as it will be dark and the air will have cooled by then. A popular hack these days is to place a fan near your open window, so that the fan actually blows any hot air back outside rather than circulating it around your room.

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Make ice your best friend

During hot weather, you are likely to become pretty well- acquainted with your freezer. Putting a cloth in there and then holding it on your wrists will cool down your boiling blood and bring your total body temperature down. If you're really struggling to sleep at night, try putting your bedsheets in the freezer for a few minutes before bed. Or alternatively, turn your hot water bottle into a cold water bottle by filling it with freezing liquid.

Wear sensible clothes

It can be tempting to simply wear as little as possible during a heatwave. If you are in your own home, by all means go ahead! But if you're planning on leaving the house, you might want to dress a little more modestly. Heavy duty fabrics like denim and polyester are going to do you no favours here.  Instead, stick to light cotton, which will let you skin breathe whilst still protecting you from the sun's rays. Also consider switching up your makeup routine, as wearing things like foundation and mascara may simply sweat off.

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