Bye Bye Magnolia! Brighten Up Your Bedroom


Yes, Magnolia is a safe bet. But it really is quite dull. No matter how different brands want to rename it. Ivory cream, antique ivory, fresh linen. It’s all the same. And your home will always end up looking like every other place on your street, in your town, in the entire country. Okay, you might not want your house looking like a rainbow. But your bedroom is supposed to express your personality. It’s your space. It should create an atmosphere that reflects your general mood. Here are a few ways to make your bedroom a little more “you.”


If you’re renting, you might not be able to take a paint brush and rollers to the interior. But that doesn’t mean everything has to remain plain. You can brighten up your bedroom in so many other ways. Think bedsheets, cushions, curtains, lampshades. All’s not lost to a dreary world of varying shades of cream.


Pastel Shades

You don’t need to throw yourself in the deep end. Not all of us like bright oranges and seductive reds. Pastel shades are in vogue right now and are an easier transition from traditional interior colors. Soft pinks, cornflower blues, lemon yellows and mint greens are all adorable. They’ll brighten up your home and leave your room feeling bright, fresh and airy.



How about smoky grays? This are subdued but make a significant statement about you as a person. Sultry and seductive. A little mysterious. Pair this color with bright accessories or lighter furniture to avoid going full gothic. If you go all gray and black, then you can easily create a closed and claustrophobic space. This isn’t comfortable, and you won’t be able to relax in your personal space.


Feature Walls

The reign of the feature wall isn’t over. Cream, white or magnolia are fine on three out of four walls. But brighten the remaining wall up with a bold and daring color. Perhaps teal, rustic orange or midnight blue. These colors will contrast the lighter colors. Don’t place anything on this wall. No frames, canvases or clocks. It’s strong enough to speak for itself.


Textured Walls

Try out different painting patterns. Everything doesn’t have to be done with a roller. If you have a bright feature wall, why not try painting it in a unique and unusual style? Stippling is fun. Or maybe you could alternate between matte and gloss paints. You can also glaze the color you’ve chosen after painting. This will give the entire room a more subdued look. These kind of ideas are often brought to life best by professionals. Enquire into local residential painting services for the best results.


Most people use a standard white for their ceiling. But why stick to the status quo? Now we’re not saying to go with some wild color. But you could try out some kind of bright, clear-cut border or perhaps a few well-placed, stenciled patterns.


Stencils aren’t just for the ceiling. Find a cute stencil and try it out in different parts of your room. Geometric designs, mandalas, paisley prints and pretty tiny designs are lovely options and easy to come by or make yourself.

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