Everyone Is Raving About Care Packages

Life is sometimes no bed of roses. Even if you are not suffering yourself, it may be that someone you care about is going through divorce or grief. One of the things that you can do to let them know that they are loved and cared for is to send them what use to be called a care package. If you pop over to sites like Pinterest, you can see that this care package idea has really taken off. There are now lots of different concepts that you can use to bring a smile to someone's day.


Basically, a care package is a box of items that you gather together around a theme to show them that you are thinking about them. This can contain a selection of their favorite foods or activities. Or some creative types include letters to open on specific occasions like when the person is feeling sad or lonely.

Care packages for home sick students

One of the most common issues that might require a care package is if you know someone that is studying or traveling abroad. There is nothing quite like receiving some things that remind you of home when you are halfway around the world.

A local newspaper can be a great reminder that home is still there for them when they get back.  As can up to date photos of friends and family. Include some writing paper and stamps so they can stay in contact with you too!

Care packages for special occasions

Sometimes it's nice to send a care package for a positive occasion like the birth of a baby, a birthday or Christmas. You can buy wicker basket kits that contain ribbon and cellophane too so you can, make up your own. Just buy some items and arrange them nicely in the basket. Then use the cellophane to seal it and place in a larger box to prevent damage when shipping.

Or if you would rather use a more professional service try a company like Just In Time Gourmet. Then you will be able to select items for your loved one to receive and enjoy and get it delivered straight to their door.

Care packages for lovers

Another great us of a care package os to maintain that connection in a long distance relationship. You can send a box of DVD’s, favorite sweets and microwave popcorn. Then agree a time to start the movie and use your mobile device to talk about it as it's happening. Its can feel like you are together, even though you're not in the same room, town or even country!

Care packages for mental wellness

For some people that are struggling with their mood, a care package can be a great reminder that they are loved and worthy. Include items like wet wipes, body sprays to help they stay clean and fresh if showering is too much for them. A coloring book can be a creative way to direct their mind into positive things. While, including things like a lavender candle or a CD of relaxing music to help them chill out after a long day.

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