Maternity Lingerie an interview with Robyn from Yummy Mummy Lingerie

As promised Mummies here is my Q&A with Robyn the lady behind the fabulous Yummy Mummy Lingerie. She is a pretty amazing Mummy, who is happy to help you find the perfect lingerie to make you feel amazing.

Yummy Mummy Lingerie - Australian Online maternity bras in Perth Australia

About me

I started running Yummy Mummy Lingerie in December 2014 but before this I worked for many years in health, including women’s health and child health. Promoting breastfeeding was one of our priorities as the benefits to mum and bub were well known. But knowing and respecting that not all mums can - nor want to - breastfeed it was always important to be really sensitive to all our mum’s needs.
I gave up work in health to become a full time mum in 2007 when our son was born and returned a couple of years later. Then I gave it up again at the end of 2013 when hubby and I were approved as foster carers. We now had our first born son and a second beautiful boy to care for. But I knew I’d need to find a way to work from home and starting a family friendly business was my plan .  So once our new bub settled in with our family and I had time to think about work again, I starting looking for opportunities. The first day I looked for an online business I found what I was looking for in Yummy Mummy Lingerie. It was the perfect fit for me and felt like it was meant to be. Fast forward to now and I totally love being able to help new mums in their pregnancy and breast feeding journey.  If I can make mum’s feel supported and good about themselves at a time when there can be so many other pressures then that’s a happy day for me. I work hard to provide a personal service that makes mum’s feel special – because they are! And of course I get to run my business from home and ‘be there’ for my boys


Why is it so important for women to wear maternity bras during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

I sometimes get asked ‘Do I really need to wear a maternity bra?’ and this is my answer
Maternity bras are specially designed to support the changes your breasts and ribcage will undergo during pregnancy.  Wearing a maternity bra - or not -  is entirely a personal choice. Most women agree however that wearing a supportive bra during pregnancy can help reduce the stretching of breast tissues that in turn can result in sagging.  Women who have larger and heavier breasts are definitely more likely to find a maternity bra more comfortable than a normal bra.
After bub is born, the drop-down cup and nursing clips – that are the major difference between maternity bras and non-maternity bras – certainly make breastfeeding easier. The convenience and modesty allowed by the breastfeeding feature is the major reason that most women choose to wear a maternity bra once bub is born.
The other question I get asked is what is the difference between a normal bra, maternity bra, and nursing bra?
Generally the names maternity bra and nursing bra refer to the same type of bra. That is, bras that are specially designed to cater to the changes in a woman’s breast during pregnancy and postpartum and to allow you to easily breast feed your bub. Maternity/nursing bras offer greater support and improve comfort for tender and growing breasts. Some of the features that maternity/nursing bras have that differ from non-maternity bras include:
  • Wider straps to minimise straps digging into shoulders
  • Greater use of soft fabrics such as cotton, especially in the bra lining, to avoid chafing and improve breathability
  • Minimal, concealed or careful placement of seams so that stitching does not irritate sore and tender breasts
  • Extra hooks and eyes on the band to allow loosening when the ribcage and diaphragm expands during pregnancy and then tightening after bub is born and diaphragm reduces in size
  • Flexi wire for greater bust support instead of rigid underwire
  • Drop-down cups and clips to allow the bra cup to fall away from the breast to allow easy access for breastfeeding and clipped back firmly in place after nursing

*Please note that there are some maternity bras that do not have drop-down cups or nursing clips. An example of these are Cantaloop Pregnancy Bras. Always double check that the bra has drop-down cups if this is what you are wanting in your maternity bra.


What styles are best for women's changing bodies?

All good quality maternity lingerie is designed to take into consideration the changes your body goes through during pregnancy and post partum. Look for bras and underwear with the points listed above and always ask for help if you have specific needs and you will be fine. For those first couple of weeks after bub is born and you have the most dramatic changes in your bust and body I would definitely recommend going for super stretchy and soft seamless styles. Examples that my customers adore include Cake Cotton Candy, HOTmilk My Necessity or Cantaloop Adjustable Nursing Bras. All these styles are designed to grow with you and will accommodate the increase in breast size as your milk comes in as well as the up and down in size before and after feeds
I would love to be able to help you if you any questions at all – no matter how silly you might think they are. We all have a first time at everything, and being a mum is a really special first that is so exciting but can be overwhelming at the same time. Don’t be too scared to find out what is right for you. Here’s my email address :

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