My head and My heart and you little one

This kid, seriously she has made me whole, she made me a Mummy and she made us a family. In a little over 3 months her little brother will join our family and we can not wait! But if I am honest I am scared, I am scared at the prospect of another person needing me and how you will cope, I am scared you will feel hurt , left out, that you are too young to understand. We spend our days together playing, laughing, snuggling and I do worry how you will cope with another little person needing me too. 

My head tells me that you will love a baby being here, that you will be so excited by the new baby that you wont mind sharing me a little. My heart tells me that you are just the most gentle and sensitive little person and you will understand, that you know he is coming and that is why you have started putting your head on my tummy and saying oh Mummy and kissing and cuddling me. 

You will always be my baby, my first born and my little girl, and I can not wait to see you become a big sister and amaze us further. 

Love xxx

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