My Pregnancy Essentials

Pregnancy can be equally tough and amazing. For me its a tough ride, sickness all day everyday for the first 18 weeks, aches and pains, fatigue and vitamin d deficiency.Its not all glowing skin and loving life for this pregnant lady but through all the tough days I remind myself how truly blessed I am to be able to carry a baby and to fall pregnant and I know that each day that passes brings us one day closer to meeting our wee baby boy.

Here are my pregnancy must haves, nothing fancy just a group of fabulous products that make everyday easier, more comfortable and leave me feeling a little bit pampered.

  • Soft, cotton pajamas, I am constantly over heating so cotton pjs keep my cool and comfy. Elastic waits are the best for expanding tummies and sit nicely under the bump. 
  • Lavendar sleep balm, I rub this on my temples and under my nose and it helps me drift of peacefully. Its part of my sleep ritual and I really do feel relaxed and ready for some lovely zzzsss
  • Basik everything! The nipple balm is so soothing and is lovely for sore nipples and breasts tender from all those crazy pregnancy hormones. The Basik cream is lovely for dry skin, I rub mine into my belly and any hormonal dry patches. The essential oil blend is lovely to help ease those queasy feelings and I love it for relaxing. 
  • Quick-eze chews, if you have heartburn during pregnancy these are so great. They also come in a new Berry flavor, they taste like a mildly chalky chew sweet and even when I was struggling with morning sickness I could manage to chew one of these!!
  • Pickfords cloudy pear juice for all those tummy issues pregnancy throws up, this juice is ultra sweet but mixed with water is easy to drink and gets things moving. 
  • Chocolate, Lindt especially. I don't drink while I am pregnant so chocolate is my stress relieving treat, life is about balance right. 
  • Johnsons baby bedtime bath, this is such a bubbly and relaxing bubble bath mix. hubby runs me a bath and I soak away all the pregnancy aches and pains. 

My Pregnancy Essentials

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